Forget the Sun, Forget the Moon

Forget the Sun, Forget the Moon

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Liner Notes: 

First skirmish in quite awhile. Made it though!, just a smidge time over due to technical difficulties. Woo hoo!

Just realized I didn't use the prompt quite right. Oh well.

I apologize for such a downer song on a such beautiful Sunday afternoon.


You used to tell me you saw the sun in my eyes
That you were over the moon
Our love could never die

But the sun eventually set
And the moon made you regret
And now I’m over here trying hard to forget

Forget the sun
Forget the moon
Forget the way I felt when you walked in the room

Forget the days
Forget the nights
Forget the ways you were all my delights

Now the sun looks away, lets out a heavy sigh
And the moon turns its back, tries hard not to cry

Because you’re gone and there’s nothing left
And it’s been several weeks since I’ve slept
And now I’m over here trying hard to accept

The sun is gone
And so is the moon
You’ll never ever again walk into the room

No more days
And no more nights
Guess it’s time to leave, turn out all the lights

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I really like the forget the sun/moon lines/ideas. And the melody has that slow, melancholy feel that just reaches in and makes me feel the lyric.. makes me believe the singer. And my mother is right, you do have a good voice.

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I think it's a pretty good sad song. It flows along and conveys the emotion quite well.

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First off love the sound of your guitar.
Just has a cozy tone to it, that perfectly pairs with your voice.
Excellent lyrics; I love sad songs like this. Again your voice lends to this kind of tune so nicely.
Sounds great.

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This is really a strong write and conveys a clear message so concisely in the chorus. The repetitive ‘forget it’ stem accentuates the loss and sense of despair so effectively. Well done and delivered!

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You can alter the prompt however you like! Smile

My partner just said "That's a good song!" - See, you have the seal of approval. Really great job on lyrics and music. Polish this one up!

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The prompt is anything to do with the moon, I belive. You used it perfectly. Very beautiful sad song about love lost, hopes went, nostalgic and relatable. Your playing and singing are very moving. Very good song, regardless skirmish or not. Amazing to create such a gem during skirmish.

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Fantastic vocals. Really liked the flow of the song. Excellent skirmish.

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Oh wow @ verse 2: "Now the sun looks away, lets out a heavy sigh
And the moon turns its back, tries hard not to cry"
That's such beautiful writing with perfect imagery.

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Heartbreaking. Truth like that is hard to swallow. The change from “forget” to “accept” marks a change that has to occur in the healing process. I love the shifting use of sun and moon through the transitions of the relationship and the loss of it. Sad song indeed. Lovely singing.

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lovely all round. really strong lyrics and i love the guitar part. your delivery is perfect and such a sad song.beautiful and excellent skirmishing indeed

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Oof the line that tore my heart out was 'you'll never ever walk again into the room'. This after we had heard the rest was a real tugger! Well done!

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Oh those lyrics are so magical. That 1st verse is clever. I love it!!!

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What a lovely approach to the prompt - it's a wonderful, heartfelt and heartbreaking song. And your guitar/vocal approach is personal and compelling. I love it!

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The lyrics are practically Rumi. Smile