He Drank Bobby's Beer!

He Drank Bobby's Beer!

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Liner Notes: 

Hi everybody. I just made a new demo of Jimmy's lyrics "He Drank Bobby's Beer".

Please don't drink my beer. Unless you're really thirsty.

Thanks, Jimmy!


He Drank Bobby's Beer

He Drank Bobby's Beer
Now things are complicated here
He Drank Bobby's Beer
For a long time he'll be wandering in fear

He ran back fast to his trailer
Then he put the rest of it in the refrigerator
He didn't want to ruin the party
But all that running made him thirsty


He just drank fifteen cans
He got into a fighting stance
When Bobby pushed him out the door
They fought all the way to the store

He made a really bad mistake
He kicked at his eyes and face
He made his point clear
He Drank Bobby's Beer

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Hey Klaus, wow and many thanks I appreciate it. It's great you posted "He Drank Bobby's Beer" as a new song. I just played your demo again it sounds awesome I like it. You did an excellent job.

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good job with this lyric, i especially like what you did with the bridge,

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This made me smile all the way through. And that whistling! Great collab and if I liked beer I'd have one. Wink

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Love the happy whistle! Great melody and lyrics. Vocals are really fun. Love the chorus the best. The whistle is back...perfect. Nice bridge with that echo. Very catchy! Klaus, you are excellent my friend! You did a great demo with my great friend Jimmy. Thanks for this guys and I'm downloading it right now.

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Klaus! This is such delightful catchy music for these quirky lyrics. The whistling is icing on the cake of a wonderful easy feeling melody. Great vocals on this too!

Klaus and Jimmy, awesome!

I always love these lyrics, and the tune is excellent here, a good acoustic track that fits well. I like the background shaking and the reverb on the track. The whistling takes it over the top. This is a great one greats!

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as the kids also say... this is jokes! great collab, funny lyrics / story with equally witty musical setting. love the delivery and of course the whistling! mega!

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LOVE the intro, great tempo and very strong feeling in perormance and storytelling. Love your smooth way of telling this.

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Very catchy, great fun good delivery. Its the cadence bounce though that really makes this. Bonza song!

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Love the light-hearted romp through Bobby's beer land. The whistling is such a nice touch, as is the echo effect. It all bounces along beautifully.

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This is so catchy!
It's gonna be an earworm for the rest of my day.
The whistling is extra great.
I was wondering how you were gonna fit the "refrigerator" line in there; well done with that!
A great collab, folks!

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This walks along such familiar paths. And it works so very well.