Liner Notes: 

Haven't played the Jaydee bass for a while, My fingers definitely noticed...

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ductapeguy's picture

This has a great 80s cop show feel to it. I love, love that talking funk synth in the midsection.

billwhite51's picture

for some reason my minds ear keeps adding herbie hancocks keybards into the mix. miles could add a little trumpet to it as well, music that suggest these kind of musicians is good music indeed,

wobbie wobbit's picture

hehe this has such a cheeky vibe.head bobbingly so. love the wah. love the synthy middle bit. still has a real cheekiness. very enjoyable listen and a little chair dancing. very catchy riff Smile

cts's picture

Nice little bouncy groove here, Chris. It definitely has an 80s vibe to it. I like the break/bridge and picked up a few ideas from it. Ok

splittybooms's picture

Cool sounds!
This was a journey with some great sonic stuff going on in my headphones. I dig.
Nice changes and structure.
Everything just sounds so perfectly places - awesome mixing!
Has an old school vibe to it and I love it.
Did you play/program these drums? They sound great whatever you did.
Excellent track