Rooster Blues

Rooster Blues

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I used to have a rooster a lot like this one. Needs some good blues music.


Rooster Blues
© 2019 Cindy Prince

That rooster is always crowin'
Every day at the crack of dawn
Sometimes he crows at midnight
I think he's the devil's spawn

Crowing sounds

That rooster, he's a mean one
Best not look him in the eyes
He struts around like he's king
Can't wait til that rooster dies

Crowing sounds

He's gettin' on my last nerve
He's anything but sweet
I thought about fryin' him up
But he's too tough to eat

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where is acousticmaddie? id love to hear her make this barnyard scuffle even spookier than it is.

cindyrella's picture

I'm going to send this to her. She's good at those sounds!

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OH she is out in The forest making People learn how to survive on pines and roots haha.
Sorry I am in a much darker and weirdet place (songwriting wise) right now.
I crawe weird, sin and horror haha
Hope you find someone.

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lol..this is good Cindy. My dad told me a story of when he was a kid about a Rooster he hated so one day he killed it. He got his ass whipped. Nice blast from my past. Myself, I've never been around chickens and roosters. I don't know if I have any rooster sound effects as I got hit with a virus and it wiped out a lot of my samples. I'll check though and maybe I can help somebody out with those crow sounds. Maybe it could be found on the internet...don't know.

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I feel an electric blues coming on here, because this is a really great set of blues lyrics!

Fabulous. Smile

Jyllian's picture

Haha! Fun and funny. I wrote a meditation about the roosters. I kind of like their optimism. I like the use of the crowing.

kc5's picture

Oh you do write some comical ones! Do I have a rooster story for you!

katpiercemusic's picture

If no one else grabs this one, I might at some point, but I'd make it straight up 12 bar blues. Roosters can be assholes, and this is very funny!