Fly Away My Angel

Fly Away My Angel

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Liner Notes: 

I was mucking around on the piano and this came out. A song about lost love and regret. I thought it had a bit of a 70s Carpenters/Bacharach feel so I went to town a bit on it Smile


Fly Away My Angel
© 14/7/2019 C. Stewart

No, just one more night you heard me cry
If I blink I’ll miss your last goodbye
The time has come to speak my mind
If I was so inclined

So, you were there and then you were gone
I closed my eyes for a second too long
This moment of ecstasy
Is far removed from me

But I wont cry
Coz my angel flies in the morning
I wont cry
Coz my angel has gone away
But I wont cry
Coz my angel flies in the morning
I wont cry
Coz my angel has gone away

Oh, both our feet were lost in the sand
It was at that time I reached for your hand
And time stood still when you held mine
It was so divine

But now, every sunrise that I see
Reminds me of how things used to be
So now I only come out at night
The moon’s a welcome sight


When something precious disappears
You wished that you had only seen
The beauty that’s inside
Not only on it’s skin
Now that chance has left my being
And only the back of you that I’m seeing


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Those chord changes on the final lines of the verses are yummy! You sing so beautifully, and you have the musical and production skills to back yourself up so well. Nice job ‘going to town’!

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Great chord changes, starts off very carpenterish. Tale well told

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Despite the sadness in the words, I really enjoyed listening to this Smile