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Liner Notes: 

It's basically just a rant set to what you could loosely describe as music. Smile


So I fall out of bed at nine o'clock
Feeling 'bout as rough as a half sucked prune
And I figure I want a coffee.
That's all I want, just one coffee
A coffee would make everything better
And the birds would sing in the trees
And the sun would shine out of god's arsehole
And all would be right with the world

But no, the kettle's broken
And there's water leaking everywhere
And I haven't got any coffee left anyway
So I'm not getting any satisfaction out of life that way
And I'm going to have to do a Maccas run
Cos that's the only place round here
That serves coffee by the bucket-full

Just a coffee in the morning
Just to get me going
That's all I want, that's all I ask for
But the world's just so messed up
And everything conspires against me
Down to the tiniest little detail
Even down to one single cup

So I get in my car and start it up
And the engine light comes on
Because of course it does
Because cars are all electronic and computer controlled
And that just means there's a million and one things
That the bastards can charge you to put right again

I eventually get on the road
But there's no satisfaction there either
Because they're ripping up the street
To reinstall the same tram lines
That they pulled out in the 1950s
And everything's fucking fucked
And nothing works like its supposed to

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you have summed up the post anxiety age. life without coffee is impossible. the music is perfectly maddening and your recitation sounds like a grinding trash compactor. excellent work.

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I'm still amazes me how a coffe can certainly realign one's perspective and demeanor. Trust me, I know! Smile This is quite funny - reminds me a bit of the song, Mother from the Synchronicity album. So much little coffee!

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Hey you hit the nail on the head
this everyone I know ha ha
loved it so so true to life well done

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Fucking amazing track you got here.
"Half sucked prune" lol
This music reminds me so much of a Captain Beefheart track, which is a definite compliment.
Love your spoken word rant.
I really enjoyed this so much!

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Great job on the lyrics! I have a few coffee songs. I love how your lyrics progress with road work. Can totally relate. Going to listen to the audio now. Hold. Interesting sound kind of a shuffle I think. Cool break in the middle. Vocals coming Quite a unique tune Kim, well done!

Ha cool, a real drama. The music is great fits very well with all the sounds and yer rant is well written. So angry about getting that coffee. So bitter. This is kind of really great. Nice!