Two Ideas

Two Ideas

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Liner Notes: 

Oh my god I learned a dozen ways of how not to do it on this track. I opened Ableton Live and created a melody and worked on that melody with a few VST instruments and some old techniques. Then I got a crazy ideal that I would rewire my Acid Pro project into Ableton Live. I needed tempo changes and it was a disaster. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I had to relearn how to use Ableton Live working with midi and tempo changes. I messed with it for hours it was crazy. Before that though I took my melody that I created today and import into Baind in a Box (BIAB) and generated a little Bach help. Back into Ableton and was using VST plugins. Then the rewire Acid Pro with tempo changes was unbelievably annoying. I learned a whole bunch of ways of how not to do it. Finally I figured out how to set the exact tempo changes in Ableton but the rewire stopped working and I was getting distortion and all kinds of unexpected setbacks. Next I had to relearn how to set tempo changes in Acid Pro. Although I never was successful with the rewire I manage to get the tempo correct in both software and did a simple mix to finish up. The hours I spent were so ridiculous I'm not even going to say.

This was suppose to be an easy project! The first part of the demo I created today. The second part was something I did on the 4th of July. I do realize the demo is too long and will keep it shorter next time. Thanks for listening.

Oh, and I learned a lot today so I'm not upset or anything. I'm actually feeling a little better today for a nice change.



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Very pretty melody. The stuff you learned is stuff i don’t know. But the music is very nice, uplifting too. And that second part is really different! Uplifting in a different way.

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Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your song I like it bro. I like the title to "Two Ideas" it sounds good.

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Sometimes I also write something to figure out how too. Bonus if you have something cool at the end... which you do!!! I like the genre jumping, especially the hip hop section and how the melody returns after a detour.

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Time spent learning is never a waste. I'm enjoying listening to this arrangement. It's like a journey through a wonderland.

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Really nice. I like the beautiful folk melody in the start and then the dance music part comes as a surprise. The way you use samples ( I really don't know a lot about Ableton Live and Acid Pro ) is imaginative and sounds better to me than most of the "real" records. And the recurring theme is cherry on the top.

I had to laugh reading the liner notes because I just had some similar issues with Reaper and it's tempo changes. Smile

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Impressive. I like the way each piece flows into the next Very cool

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Well, the hard work and frustration appears to be worth it! And you learned some useful lessons, too.
What an ambitious piece! I admire folks like you who 1) have an ear for this sort of thing and 2) know how to pull it off.
I wish I hadn't read Klaus' comment, but I was still pleasantly surprised by the dance/funk departure. Some really unique percussive sounds there.
A nice glide back into smoothness to close it out - I was hoping for more of that. Could have listened longer for sure - I was quite drawn in.
I wish I had headphones available for this!

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...was not expecting that!
I'm curious about your thought process between the intro and the very different style of the song's body - very different flavors.
Was the intro the Bach-ness you mention from BIAB?
There are so many staple 90s hip-hop/r&b/house references in here that I was just standing here excited to hear what would come next.
Driving, banging, meat of this song, can't help but to nod the head.
Then you bring in a bit of the intro over the beat...nice touch.
Sorry for all the crap your software and stuff gave you, it all sounds like a nightmare. I never even thought about tempo changes...I dunno how I would even do that in Reason...automation maybe? Hmmm...I'm intrigued now.
But sounds like you got at least 3 different programs going on? I have much respect for those of you who work in multiple platforms!

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This is really beautiful stuff. The strings sound very ethereal and transport you to another place. The second part is all squelchy and electro and very fun! Nice.

I wasn't expecting the switch to the heavy hip-hop/industrial beat, but it sounds really good. Had me doing the head-bob thing while I was listening to it.

But yeah, it can be a pain trying to get software packages to play nicely with each other. The automation functions in Ableton include tempo on the master track (it's the default parameter that appears in the master track when you hit the "A" key to show automation), so you can click, drag and drop or draw automation curves to control tempo changes without having to click at the beginning of the desired bar at the top of the arrangement view and type stuff in.