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Liner Notes: 

Again various vocal samples chopped and effected as usual.
Simple drum programming.
Ran some gated synths through 2 diff arpeggiators. That gives me some pops and stuff that I'm not too fond of, but oh well.
Just a build up of various bits over the course of the track.
If I ever come back to this I'll probably give it more structure and electronic bling.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Very cool, had me looking for my glow sticks. Seriously though, loved the way it builds up and the juxtaposition between the arpeggiated synths and the vocal samples. Once again, very cool Smile

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I remember long drives to MD to visit the girl I was seeing at that time, and tracks like this would be thumping through my car stereo. Mello, yet lively enough to keep me alert. I'd hear all kinds of sounds that would inspire me by the time I'd reach my destination. Very cool. Very chill.

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Enjoyed it mate, very creative with the samples and synths. It gave me the desire to shake my body in a luxurious way. Maybe I should've resisted that,
but It just makes you feel good within your temple. Even if your temple is a bit crumbling with age Smile

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This is this this this this is. Very good, start seemed very recognisable in style,

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Love this! Nice build/drop. Soothing but danceable/hypnotic. Romantic vibe in a Gino Finelli kind of way, dreaming of someone special.