Searching for Owls

Searching for Owls

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Liner Notes: 

This is one of those stealth collabs; nothing prearranged, just a pouncing upon a lyric that was seemingly offered up for someone to work with.

As I told mark just before posting this:

I stumbled upon these words earlier today and loved them right away. Not only did the heightened awareness aspect speak to me, but your ‘dream pop’ tag hit me right where I have wanted to visit. I’ve taken your open invitation to add music to heart....It might not qualify as the dream pop you envisioned, but it’s my take on that genre. Thanks for such a cool song!

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Lyrics by @mark

verse 1:

i seem to think that
all of the world is a-
round me

i never thought i'd
see it unfold all with-
in me
walking my way home at
searching for owls in the
pine in the air smells al-

verse 2:

i seem to know that
nothing is real if you
tune out

i never thought to
have a good time i'd look
in me
walking my way home at
high noon
chasing the birds like a
wild goon
pine in the air never
too soon


never regret the sen-
go and reflect on your
read a good book, and
have your world shook in be-
tween the lines

verse 3:

i seem to know that
dreams are a trip you can
learn from

i seem to know to
ponder the things flowing
in me
walking my way home at
searching for owls in the
pine in the air smells al-

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Oh what astounding lyrics! No wonder you had to do it. And what a perfect way you did to! Marvelous.

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Haven't even listened yet and dreampop + owls is already the best. Smile

Oh my goodness, this is simply gorgeous. Absolutely, simply gorgeous. Totally pulls the heartstrings. Can it be downloaded?

Fuzzy's picture

Oh yeah, dreampop for sure.
Great lyrics, and the perfect musical bed for them.
I'm liking the subtle treatment on the vocals.
And owls, too!
Ya can't beat owls!
A nice accompaniment for my morning coffee.
Great collab, folks!

yooo this is so great and totally not what i had in mind for this lyric! thanks a bunch for setting this to music! Smile

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Lovely Smile My very first ever and now favorite dreampop owl song!

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Beautiful all over! I like how it goes from midnight, to noon, and then back to midnight. The world being in me as opposed to around me is such a true statement. And you get all senses involved. Nice.
Good setting to the lyrics also! It's early here and I didn't sleep well. Maybe I should put this on and try to sleep some more.

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Dream pop grabbed my curiosity. Love the combo of lyrics/music. Great collab!

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What a beautiful song! Perfect lyrics, perfect music, perfect vocal!

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Barbara - great to hear from you again - This is really cool. Has a This Mortal Coil feel to it (look them up if you aren't familiar). I like that the words are simple, yet mysterious and the music has so much gravitas that it invite much, much deeper interpretations. Excellent collab.

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Very calming and beautiful. Great demo. I really like all those gentle arpeggios and the other-worldly good vibrations. The owls are a brilliant idea. They are not so easy to see so. They hide. A very nice collaboration and Barbara's voice is a perfect fit for Mark's words.

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o hai!
Lovely, evocative lyrics and the exquisite vocals and dreamy music suit them perfectly--I especially like the melody on the 2nd half of the verses, feels like the soundtrack to a David Lynch movie.

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That first chord change when the vocals come in...I don't know what the chord is but it reminded me of Pink Floyd, Brain Damage. This all sounds like, really nice.

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I love this feeling. It just feels right even through the longing and the ache.