Real Deal (working title)

Real Deal (working title)

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Liner Notes: 

Many years ago, I used to make "field recordings" into my phone as I hid behind furniture and pretended my little cousins were peculiar animals out in the wild - like those Discovery Channel programs. Or sometimes I would make "scientific discovery" memos about absurd things like oranges becoming sentient and taking over the world. It made them laugh.
That phone is long gone and all the recordings except one, and that's where I got the "this is the real deal" sample; it was a warning about those evil oranges and that my words should be taken seriously.
Silly, I know lol
Used another sample of me recording some other cousins while they were whooping and hollering about some song that came on the radio - that's where the first lead you here comes from, its that 'haaaa!' sound you here during the vamp but melodicanized...that's a word.
Also used some of the background fuzz from that same sample to give some pump and noise to the beat I programmed in.
Then just added other musical parts like bass, another lead, horns, etc.
The entire accomp during the vamp was a happy mistake - I was looping a very specific part to fix something, and I liked how that specific loop cut that up and repeated it during the vamp. lol

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This is the real deal. Fun track Smile I like how it all comes together in the finished product and it was fun to read how you got there! Cheers!

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yeah, it's very summery and homey at the same time - fun at home and in the sun - that brassy twist just confirms it.

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Oooo, I like this... driving down the road in a convertible dancing in my seat!