Junction 29

Junction 29

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Liner Notes: 

I moved away from Sheffield last month and I miss it very much.

Samples are:

Whatever's Left - Grace Petrie
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight - The Postal Service
Pale Green Things - The Mountain Goats

All tracks I listened to in school, and probably played on the journey up when I first moved. (I'm not very good at samples, so this demo is just a rough idea of what I'd like it to sound like - a snippet of my headphones whilst driving.)


Amber beams drift by
Bunting strung through Junction 29
And asleep in the passenger seat is me
Listening to

History is just something that’s passed
History’s Chesterfield and Killamarsh
Leaving little towns behind me now
Listening to

Staying in one place is fine for some
Wanderlust a vice to overcome
But I’d be lying if I were to count myself as one
Listening to

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Respected friends told me to have a listen to you! I can see why, this is excellent. Less is more lyrics, where i totally get the story and such a feeling in the delivery.

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i like the subtle way you bring in the samples. i almst didnt listen to the song after reading about the use of samples, but yu use them so brilliantly and they add so much t the story, and dont disturb the flow of the song at all. such a pretty song. nice work.

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I bloody love it. The picked sections are lovely, your vocals fragile and touching. Like Bill I'm not big on samples but these were unobtrusive. I like the internal rhymes in the bunting line.

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I was curious to hear what you meant by sampling, since the guitar/vocal is so organic and immediate. It's really interesting and quite charming how you weave in the samples - like a window into what made you the musician you are. Another good one!