I Will Look For You

I Will Look For You

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Liner Notes: 

My wife Anna writes a blog/Facebook page called Morning Prayers for Yogis. I told her before 50/90 started that I'd put some of them to music.
The other day I got out the ukulele because my daughter told me she wants to learn to play. So after I showed her a few chords, I went off by myself and turned a couple of the poems into short songs.
Here's one - the other is called "One Thousand Names."


You are the moon and the wildflowers
You are the veil torn open and the
Knowing pouring in
I will look for you
Where you have asked.

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I am peaceful and relaxed listening to this; I like the spaciousness of it. Nice way to modify the lines a bit to make second verse. This was a sweet blending of creativities!

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I was expecting something a bit more pensive in your delivery and considering the words, but this is soothing as you have presented.

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This is so pretty, gently. Short, sweet, complete-- like a haiku.