Summer guitars

Summer guitars

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Liner Notes: 

I noticed I hadn't played my guitars for a while. Here's an open G tuning guitar based tune with a normal tuning acoustic guitar solo. I'll develop thins into a song with vocals later.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Very nice! Let me know if you get vocals late. Great!

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Lovely guitar! Enjoyed the listen, winter here so nice to hear the summer!

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Cool guitar and beat. Keys on the side work nicely. Kind of a jazzy guitar melody. Let me know if this progresses and I'll come back. Good job on this.

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Groovy - sounds like summer to me! Road trip/beach music.
Crisp guitar soloing atop some solid and interesting rhythm playing - I'm hearing some keyboard flourishes.
Good one!

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Enjoyed the laidback summery vibes (as I huddle here next to my heater) Biggrin

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Very nice. I think part of why I've never learned guitar is that I'm intimidated by that whole "alternate tuning" concept. Nice thing about keyboards is that the keys don't move around on you. (Although I hate those black ones always getting in the way). Very nice job on this. I assume you're doing ALL of the instruments?