High Tide Under Moonlight

High Tide Under Moonlight

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Liner Notes: 

I'm going for the big harmonies on this one, because I've been listening to Yes.


I saw you here at night
Under the moonlight
By the sea, at the full tide
You walked along the shore
And I didn't know what for
But I saw you were alone
At night

High tide under moonlight
You only come out at night

And when I tried to speak
You ran along the beach
Disappeared, you got away
I'll see you there again
I glimpse you now and then
By the sea, at high tide
And maybe you won't hide

High tide under moonlight
You only come out at night

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lots of big deep layered sound here. i like the way the drums kick it all around, and that guitar solo is rich.

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Yeah big layers. You feel like you know it but not quite. A lot going on here!

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Nice beach visuals. I will listen to the audio now and looking forward to that. Hold. Cool...nice full vocal sound. Good melody. Cool chorus. guitar solo now...sounds good. Cool keys with vocals and does sound "Yes". Dig the drums too. Excellent outro. Good job on this.

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Are we not men?
Are we not boys of the beach?
Zap! Ah!
Great vibe here and the solo is epic.