On the Inside (w/ Adnama17)

On the Inside (w/ Adnama17)

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Liner Notes: 

barbara sez:

This was pretty much an in-person co-write begun at the end of June on a mini-FAWMStock adventure we arranged in Michigan.

I came with this guitar part and melody recently formed, but stuck for any words. Amanda asked a couple of questions and came up with most of what is here in the lyrics. Then we tweaked the rest together, and played with harmonies. What a joy that was!

Recording didn’t happen until we were back in our own cities.

barbara: 1/2 size nylon string guitar; lead vocal

Adnama17: harmony vocals; bass guitar; vibraslap; chimes; drum pad; mixing

Adnama17 sez:
Tried a lot more percussion, but none of it hit right. Sometimes less is more, yes?

And these words are for all of YOU! Every single last one of you, short, tall, fat, thin, old, young, male, female, gender fluid, single, married, it's complicated, religious, agnostic, atheist, kitchen-sink spirituality, black, brown, white, yellow, purple people eater, whatever. Every goddamn one of you is tall. Start believing it. <3


On the Inside

I can write my sadness
Down in a little book
But I can’t seem to erase it
Wish that was all it took

But I’m tall on the inside
Inside, looking out
My roots digging deep
Give a mighty shout
Telling my heart
‘You don’t need to doubt’

Think I’ll burn this book up
Think I’ll quit the show
‘cause I can’t just fake it away
Given all I know

‘cause I’m tall on the inside
Inside, looking out
My roots digging deep
Give a mighty shout
Telling my heart
‘You don’t need to doubt’

(Repeat chorus)

I can write my sadness
Down in a little book

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Way ta go you two
Good hook--leaves lots of room for developemen
Couple other hooks in there I do believe--mmmde me think about Danie in th lions dem
Write on

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I really, REALLY enjoyed this listen! I get this particular feeling whenever I hear a new song by k.d. Lang. Seriously. I remember when I bought Invincible Summer and there was just something in the way she crafts songs that really touches me. This song did that. I'm saving this one.

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i love this song.the arrangemet is wonderful as well, the melody and your singing reminds me of linda thompson, one of my faves, but your style is all your own. the harmonies are a special bonus. nice touches throughout.

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Very nice, ladies! Great vocals, you've got the arrangement down nicely and a TERRIFIC vocal! Great work!

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Excellent ladies! You going back and forth works so well! I love it. More, More!

This is contemplative, wistful and beautiful. And you're right: the less-is-more backing was definitely the way to go (but I'm glad you left in the vibraslap). A beautiful, beautiful collab, folks. Downloaded this one.

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This melody is gorgeous. Both of you sing it well (the harmony/doubled vox sounds beautiful.) I like this lyric, too. This just feels right.

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Your liner notes reminded me of a song that came out in the 90s by David Devant and his spirit wife, called "Ginger" and they always said "You don't have to be ginger to be ginger". It just seemed like the same kind of sentiment. "You don't have to be tall to be tall."

Anyway, back from the aside, I think you've used some kind of mode on this that is reminiscent of a lot of lovely trad folk and it gives it a spiritiual/meaningful feel to it. The harmonies are gorgeous and there is something so universal about the lyrics. Beautifully done.

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I like the feel of this, it's kind of a fist-pumping, self-affirming sentiment, but delivered very gently. I fall in several of those categories you listed, so thanks for the encouragement. Biggrin And can't neglect to mention those well-placed vibraslaps, and simmering chimes, nice touch!

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Great job, y’all! I like this a lot. The melody and the laid back nylon string are just beautiful, the lift in the melody into the chorus.

And I love the lyrics — we write down things we’re thinking about to remember them, not to erase them. The urge to burn everything and just walk away. I love the reminder that we’re capable of more, and tall on the inside is such a great hook, and a lovely way to put it.

Like the wind chimes and LOVE the vibraslap. Thanks for that. And great harmonies. Nice dynamics, the ending is fantastic, just perfectly dropping back in intensity for the last line.

Listened 3 times so because I didn’t want to let it go.

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Great collaboration, beautiful piece!

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Lovely mood setting sad musical picture. Good job ladies. Love the little bells.