Come Waltz With Me

Come Waltz With Me

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Liner Notes: 

I was working on a different song when Cindy showed me this lyric. Well, this morning, the words wrote the melody as I read them walking down the stairs to my basement studio, so I put the other song aside and recorded this one instead. There's a excellent possibility that I've subconsciously borrowed parts of the melody from Strauss or another one of those classicists. My apologies if the melody is not 100% original. For some reason I prefer viola to the I gave it a couple of solo parts. I wish everyone as happy a love as the one portrayed here!


Come Waltz With Me
© 2019 Cindy Prince & Susan Cantey

The planets are lining up
The clouds have given way
Flowers are dancing together
It's such a wonderful day
A wonderful day for love

Beautiful trees are swaying
There's magic in the air
Little children are singing
We are a perfect pair
Perfect to fall in love

Do I hear a waltz playing
Why are we delaying?
Come dance, come dance, come dance
Come waltz with me!

The animals are all content
The babies have stopped their crying
The birds are full of song
We love without really trying
Not trying to fall in love


Instrumental bridge - piano & viola


Viola solo

Come, waltz with me!

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You are creating a diverse and eclectic body of work this year, and I am enjoying every moment of it. Orignality is in the spirit and personality of the artist, not in the components. This is a waltz, so if there are strains of Strauss throughout, all the better. Too many waltzes are written without reference to Strauss.

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Oh how I love this! I am sorry if it took you away but oh such beautiful! I want to waltz by myself! Thank you so much

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This certainly has a familiar feel to it, but I couldn't tell you whether you took the melody from somewhere else, or if it's just that it sounds like a classic. The harmonies are gorgeous and the light hearted lyrics are so perfectly portrayed. I also prefer viola to violin.

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Really nice lyrics from Cindy. It's a very romantic idea that animals are all content and even the planets line up when two people fall in love. But that's just how it feels like.
Susan music fits perfectly the lyrics. There's magic in the air and wonderful harmonies and a very nice lilt and grace in the waltz rhythm. Very good collab you two.

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You got that Waltz down to perfection, classicly beautiful. Perfect for your Oldtime (1920s and earlier) and equally classic lyric, Cindy
I really like this one. Russ Smile