My guitar will eat your mini motorbike!

My guitar will eat your mini motorbike!

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Liner Notes: 

My battle with the neighbour's middle child and his incessant (and wholly unnecessary) revving of an unsilenced four stroke came to a head this morning.

What you hear here is a backing track being played into my headphones at a bearable volume - however, the guitar is plugged into an amp in a different part of the house (under the stairs facing the adjoining wall of our houses). The amplifier is the largest model in the Dragondreams catalogue (pumping out around 360 watts RMS). The output is being captured by a couple of ambient mics in the living room and the signal fed back up to the studio and recorded in Reaper.

Wireless connections are fun!

Even upstairs in the studio I could feel the vibrations.

He seems to have realised the sense of what I was explaining to him last night. There is no need whatsoever to run the engine while adjusting the brakes...

Relatively rough, but immense fun! Biggrin

NSFW because of the intro vox F-bomb.

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Bwhahahahaha! Sweet, sweet karma Dragondreams style! That'll learn 'im!

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This is awesome! And the back story is hilarious. You should add the tag HEAVYASFUNK

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how do you manage to make my head nod within 1 beat? I love the explanation of the recording technique! LOUD!!! i am picturing the scene where marty mcFly turns his amp up!

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Holy moly my neighbour has a tractor that he likes to let idle in his driveway for no reason RIGHT BESIDE MY HOUSE.
I just wanna go sneak a bag of sugar in to the fuel tank...
Anyway, nice plank spankin' going on here.
Ah, I was just getting in to it when it faded out. Sad
Great intro vox here for sure.

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Argghh as always way too short ! Great music for weeding the garden to, or strimming weeds. Of course it would have to be blasted through my 4 Ruarks out the window, but I think it will work - I'll try it tomorrow and let you know how it goes Wink
Great to hear that plank spanking loveliness I love, dare I say addicted to lol

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By the way, yes thats FOUR. I brought home 2 more from Dad's Smile Smile Smile Have them set beside the other 2 Smile and some fancier Teac gear to hook up to them... etc etc. I need more spare time lol