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Liner Notes: 

I'll add the lyrics tomorrow morning, but they're downstairs and I'm upstairs and when I go downstairs I'm not coming back up.


You like absinth and dinosaurs. Old teacups at petit fours
Combat boots, striped socks and roller derby
I like long walks in cemeteries, rodeos, Ben and Jerry's
Jellyfish, top hats and getting nerdy

Let's be weirdos together
Peas in a pint glass. Fish of a feather.
We're cut from the same cloth. It's got pinstripes, plaid and polka dots.
Let's be weirdos together.

You like bow ties and honey bees, dragonflies and fancy cheese
Experiments and John Cage compositions
I like pinball and vintage jazz, Fiji mermaids and pirate flags
Cryptozoological exhibitions


You're the Abbot to my Costello... the chocolate graham cracker to my marshmallow
Bert to my Ernie. Laurel to my Hardy.
I'll be the Coyote to your Road Runner. You make my whole life so much funner
My spice of life... life of my party


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This is absolutely delightful! I love songs with quirky lists that surprise and amuse! The glock is perfect with this melody and the song. And of course your melody and delivery is fantastic! Love it!

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This is just splendid. I love the quirky fun to the lyrics and arrangement. Biggrin

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I could have sworn I commented on this earlier. Anyhoo, I absolutely love this! I was reminded of a television show I saw a long time ago called Free To Be You And Me. It was the absolute best!

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best song on this theme since bowies kooks. your quirky arrangement and delivery lead me t believe this is a very personal song. a joyful celebration of human eccentricity

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I was afraid of this title thinking, oh no it's going to be about me. Then I read the line "Let's be weirdos together" and felt safe. Smile

Listening to the demo now...sounds great and happy. Love the vocals and melody. Lyrics are awesome! So much great imagery...I love your song. It makes me feel good. Very good arrangement and now currently up there with one of my favorites of the year. Well done!

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I keep forgetting I want to get some glock into my songs. Thanks for the reminder. Smile Great song--a lot of fun to listen to.

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Fun fun fun, and the weirdnesses are interesting and so well paired. Peas in a pint glass, ah--

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This just makes me grin! I love the sentiment and the specific examples are beautifully telling. Also, "We're cut from the same cloth. It's got pinstripes, plaid and polka dots" is such a quotable line and should probably be some kind of meme.

What a fun song! The lyrics have a great rhythm to them, and the harmonies on the chorus sound great, too. I love the varied collection of things here, too, definitely made me smile. Smile Awesome job!

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This is a whole bucket of awesome. I thought I was the only FAWMster using the uke-glockenspiel combination. The harmonies are rich and interesting. This puts me in mind of the Doubleclicks.

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I have a huge smile! So delightful, with the uke, and the chimes / bells / whatever the 'plinking' is, and the clip-clop percussion, and your singing (which sounds like you're having a blast), and most of all the oh-so-relateable lyrics and message. Bravo!

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This is giving me major Moldy Peaches vibes, very tasty! (Especially the third verse.) Great images in the lyrics, and a loose and laid back feel... excellent track!

And glockenspiel makes everything better! Wink

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Hah, love the (xylophone? Marimba? Vibes?).

This is what a real relationship should be like, I think I want to hang out with these two. Absinthe and dinosaurs, John Cage, pinball, and vintage jazz. Cool.

I'm intrigued by the coyote/road runner bit. Who's who? Who gets the anvil dropped on their head? I guess in the end nobody gets seriously hurt in Road Runner, maybe they're secretly confederates and having a very fine time.