Young Forever

Young Forever

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Liner Notes: 

For Etika

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Interesting track - the first minute and a half or so had this kind of repetitive zen like feel with some lovely bass walk ups adding depth - like a cool blank canvas for some vocals potentially - I wasn’t expecting the more rock feel change up as the drums came in and the guitars changed. Cool! Enjoyed my listen!

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Lovely arps on the guitar; beautiful chords/changes.
Digging this feel.
I like this kind of slow rock - has atmosphere, rhythm, power, emotion.
Swaying back and forth as I stand at my desk working.
The sparseness of the guitars' melodies and the drum hits, perfect.
Very sad news about Etika. I only ever watched one of his vids as I was binging on "smash bros ultimate reactions". Oy.
Lovely dedication you've done. Full of emotion and stands on its own as just a great track.

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I had to Google Etika before this started, as I had no idea what or who it was. Love the (again) very gentle, flowing nature of this, a beautiful memorial.