A Shot of You (see demos 37734 and 37946)

A Shot of You (see demos 37734 and 37946)

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Liner Notes: 

Please check out the demos and leave comments there:

Here is a country waltz ballad by Victoria:


And here is a classic rock ballad by Lowhum:



I’ll drink up your laughter
as you shake up my heart
I’ll serve up desire
as we strike up love’s spark

I’ll soak up your sweetness
as you stir up my soul
I’ll sift through your magic
as we watch our love grow

because I would like ... a shot of you,....

a shot of wonder
a shot of your love
a shot of beauty
that you are full of...

a shot of passion
a shot of truth
a shot of a life
forever...with you...

I’ll pour out affection
as you thirst for over time
I’ll devour your love
as you ingest all of mine

I’ll spice up your journeys
as you heat up my dreams
I’ll eat up our adventures
as I take you to extremes

because I would like ... a shot of you.....

a shot of wonder
a shot of love
a shot of beauty
we need more of...

a shot of passion
a shot of truth
a shot of a life
forever....with you...

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Wow! It seems we were on similar wavelengths with writing our most recent songs....or perhaps mine inspired you? Anyway, this is awesome and I love it!

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Good hook-clever writing
Shoulld musicate well
Thanks for loooking at Weakness for whiskey

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There ARE so many great lines! I love the give and takes of each one (the lines). I was trying to hear what this would sound like and there are so many possibilities. My emotions are stirred.

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I love these lyrics! Would you mind if I took a stab at setting them to music?

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I hope this gets set to music! I hear a soulful slow-burn groove in my head. Could also be a power ballad. The chorus could be huge!

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Ok, got it! Gimme a day or two to fine a proper microphone (all my stuff's still in boxes), and I'll have a recording for you Smile

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I love this. The choruses are wonderful, but the verses really stand out to me, because there’s no let up in how strong they are, and that’s a tough thing.

Great work.

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I'd like to give it a shot as well, if you don't mind! So you can have 2 shots of you Lol