He Drank Bobby's Beer!

He Drank Bobby's Beer!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, Bobby's friend was thirsty that night. Thanks, your friend Jimmy


He Drank Bobby's Beer

He Drank Bobby's Beer
Now things are complicated here
He Drank Bobby's Beer
For a long time he'll be wandering in fear

He ran back fast to his trailer
Then he put the rest of it in the refrigerator
He didn't want to ruin the party
But all that running made him thirsty


He just drank fifteen cans
He got into a fighting stance
When Bobby pushed him out the door
They fought all the way to the store

He made a really bad mistake
He kicked at his eyes and face
He made his point clear
He Drank Bobby's Beer

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Seems he shouldn’t have done that! Delightful lyric and story with a moral (sort of) well told!

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I think Bobby had to drive after 15 cans...lol. Good one!

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Nice lyrics. You tell these stories really well and you have a one of a kind way of looking at things.
Wondering if I could make a simple demo out of this if it's not already taken?

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Hey Klaus, wow and many thanks I appreciate it. That be great if you can make a demo I'm looking forward to hearing it.