The Guild Navigator Folds Space

The Guild Navigator Folds Space

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Liner Notes: 

Hey there, I hope you are having a good day today!

@Dragondreams posted a song ("For Starters") here -
And a "remix" thread here -

So this is my remix of his original track.

It's kinda spacey - definitely headphone music.

There was a twenty minute version of this, but I cut it down to just over six minutes so that I wouldn't try your patience.

The title refers to the classic 1965 Frank Herbert science fiction novel "Dune".
If you have read it then you know what the title of this track is about.
If you haven't read it, what are you waiting for?!? Wink

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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What a great space song! I remember Dune-tho it's been awhile. I feel like I am in space-shooting across the universe!

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Absolutely incredible piece, completely transportive!

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O. M. G!

I love what you've done with this track! Jaw on desk!

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Picturing the Mentat at work. Now I want to hear the 20 minute version Music 2

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Nice work on this one. Very atmospheric and engaging. Sounds great in my JBLs!

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Just had an "Outer Limits" marathon, and this music would fit right in. Spooky. Ominous. Love the little ripples of distortion disturbing the dark placidity.

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Great ambient track. It has both a relaxing and ominous feel to it. I like the bass and slight bits of distortion here and there. This would be perfect music to work to! Smile

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This is superlative. I was never much into remixes, but this just blows the concept outta the water, in a good way.

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I thought yeah I reviewed that song, I will recognise this.
Ok I shoulda known better. After all this is the world renowned Fuzzy remix studio where what goes in, changes species, DNA and star system before it is let out.
I never read Dune, it just sounded too sandy to me. This is like Nico reborn as a spaceship. Amazing.

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How on earth did that original prog rock instrumental became this? It's completely different. My mind is boggling. Any way, great remix. It's very ambient most of the time. Then comes some dissonances around 3 minutes. Intersting and mesmerizing piece of music.

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yep very mesmerising - trippy - i love the sort of flutter it has on the sounds. and wow a dragondreams/fuzzy collab! nice one both!

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Dang, this is way cool. Music is supposed to be sound waves, now I can imagine them while hearing them. Yes yes yes, very very good. My ears are happy with them headphones on Smile

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The Dune reference made me pick this one for a listen ...

Nice bass on the intro ... like the way it evolves. Very cool sound choices throughout and the mix sounds great on headphones.

"We have just folded space from Ix. Many machines on Ix. New machines. Better than those on Richesse."
"Oh. Yes?"

My favourite interaction in the whole movie. Ferrer playing the scene as an Emperor so distracted/terrified that he can't pay attention to what the most powerful being in the entire Universe is telling him. The Fuzzy magic totally captures an unsettled, disturbed soundscape that is a blast to listen to. I, for one, would happily listen to the twenty-minute version of this. It was just getting going when it stopped Sad

("I did not say this. I am not here.")

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Just picked up a used copy. Haven't read it in ages. Smile
The stuff that is kicks in at about 2:30 is great. Love the back and forth in my ears.
Somehow, this is both relaxing and intense. And that's not even quite what I mean. I'm not sure I can explain it right, so I won't bother. I'll just love it.
Frickin' awesome!

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I always wondered what it sounded like!!!!

Yay for Dune tunes! I have a line in one of my band's songs (that I wrote here, 'course) that goes "we walked sharp sands in a bumpy stride) that no one but me ever understands is a reference to Dune & Fremen. Sad

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I like the timbres a lot, and the repeating bass line. Kind of reminds me of that scene in Star Trek the Motion Picture where Spock takes a space walk. Herbert is not my flavor of nerd-dom, but I dig this all the same.

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Oh my, this is quite something. A great ambient piece, that I could happily listen to a version that’s over forty minutes, never mind twenty!


Now I need to check out the track you remixed by DD!

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I did a Dune inspired song for my FAWM this year. I haven't read it, but have seen the movie and the mini series multiple times. I think it's better than Star Wars in so many ways, down to its mythology, "supernatural" powers and political intricacies that never feel as boring as SW's are. That being said this really made me feel like space folding around me, I was traveling without moving. Very good work!