Tasty Morsel

Tasty Morsel

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Liner Notes: 

I had this idea and sort of went off on its own! Smile Needs music and vocals.


Tasty Morsel
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Your lips are so soft and tender
They are like heaven to me
They take me to a place of surrender
To kiss them is pure ecstasy

Your eyes I want to dive into
And swim in the depths of the dark
It's where your passion comes through
Your eyes light up with a spark

Much like a tasty morsel
Or a very fine wine
There's so much just to sample
I'm so happy you're mine

Crazy tasty
Oh so savory

Your spirit is illuminating
Those curves take me away
I can feel your love pulsating
Let's take the time to go play

Repeat chorus

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I very much like the tone and ideas in this one, the slightly "lustful" feeling. The first verse is as passionate as some of the works of our dear Arthur Rossi. Smile

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Yes. Has real feeling! It was a tasty morsel. I could have even managed the full meal,

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I thought I'd go back and check out some of your earlier work, maybe something that hadn't gotten much notice.
Fun song - reminds me of the lyrical wordplay of some of the early Motown hits, like "Shop Around" and "My Guy." And those are some of my favorites!