Sweet Voice on the Radio

Sweet Voice on the Radio

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Liner Notes: 

Ok, sometimes I just want to write and sing a sad country song.
I'm a little late with this my first song, but I'm coming off a busy 4th of July weekend. It's a bare-bones write and record, but I want to get on the board.

The seed for this song was a Little Tree Car Freshener that my son left in my car. It smelled like Axe Body Wash and too many teenage boys in the high school hallways. I thought, I wish it smelled like...well, something else.


©Mark Greenberg
July 12, 2019

I heard a sweet voice on the radio A singer we all know
She sang it so sincerely About how to make love grow
And I thought… if we listened to it closely we could sure learn a thing or two
And that sweet voice on the radio Well, I wished that voice was you

I heard a sweet voice on the radio, and I wished that voice was you
I pressed my face against the pillow, and I wished that it smelled like you
There’s a picture by the bedside, and I wished it looked like you
Cause when it came to making sure love lasts We should have learned that thing or two

She shared a toke, told some jokes, I wish she would laugh like you
Enjoyed a meal and evening kisses, I wish they would taste like you
But it’s a fact, it’s bound to pass, Cause one thing still holds true
When it comes to making sure love lasts, I could still learn a thing or two

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aw sweet- bittersweet - song, i love your voice - especially the low notes -can't really hear the guitar- i know it is just a rough get it out there recording though, just highlights your voice - i like the way the reminders appeal to all senses, nice start

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I got a late start myself this year. Man, you did a fine job with this one. Love the lyrics and the nice, simple melody!

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There have been many instances in my life where an object (or someone) stirred up very intense feelings. You had to use Black Ice, huh? See, now I have to remove it from my car because I don't want to be reminded of Axl body spray. I really, really don't! Smile

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Well that's pretty darn good for a bare-bones get on the board song. i like the intimate feel of vocals and just guitar. For me it does resurrect some long buried memories of walking down the rec center hall before my son's roller hockey games while they kids put on their gear - talk about smell.

Anyway...love how you incorporate all the senses into the lyrics. Well done!

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Beautiful bittersweet song. Amazing how it came to life. Beautiful lyrics, singing and playing. I can imagine your song in a movie where the main hero is driving alone thinking about his live lost.

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Aw, cool tune. Sorry I'm coming in so late, I don't think you had anything the first time I stopped by.

This is a classic country song. We could indeed all learn a thing or two.

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Strong concept that you keep up throughout the song. Filled with yearning.

mike skliar's picture

nice work! fits that 'country weeper' mold nicely, great lyric, and I like the conversational delivery, too!