Just Conversation

Just Conversation



Liner Notes: 

just conversation - from Titular

Word cloud on Conversation:

action bad burn chat conversation dance decent dream dried dry drying ear feel format go hide high lost normal pertinent peters smokes spectacular stamps technicalities wanted

Only omitted "stamps" may work it in later.

Written in 20 minutes.


I don’t need your action
We both got a bad burn last time
Just a chat, just a conversation
I don’t care who pays the dime

Don’t need a dance and dinner
Just a decent point of view
Wouldn’t dream to make you a sinner
I feel dried out, I need you

Your words sound dry as the red wine we’re drinking
Use your ears instead of thinking
Of how to say how you feel
Formatting thoughts, Imagined or real
I’ll go first, don’t run and hide
Then you can talk, my time I’ll bide
High time we recover what was lost

Normal’s what I need
Pertinent and present and mine
Words peter out, but we plant a seed
Pack of smokes and a little time

Don’t need the spectacular
Just the vernacular
No technicalities
Be who you want to be

Just wanted conversation
Just wanted conversation
Just a little conversation….

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wobbie wobbit's picture

nice speed write! some lovely lines in there, i like the dry red wine and the spectacular/vernacular in particular. and the overall concept of the song comes across nicely