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Liner Notes: 

Feeling pretty ok today creatively, so I figured I'd try another song.

Big sweeping synth came first, then the 808. Remembered a vocal sample I really liked, found it and used half of it, looped it and messed with the pitch to have it "sing" like I wanted it to.
At that point I decided I wanted big 80s Prince-like drums so found the appropriate drums and made the patterns.
Messed with some arrangement then felt like having a lead sound.
I found another vocal sample that I cut specific part out of and threw some effects and tweaked the decay to get that "lead guitar" sound, then just had at it.
I dunno, I love this "you're imaginary..." vocal sample; it takes my mind to so many places. Pairing that with this old vibe made me feel good inside.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I didn’t see the note about the Prince drums before I listened to the track and I instantly got the Prince vibe. This song takes my mind to a weird 80s movie day dream place and I’m into it.

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I would feel good inside too if I made this. Ahhh nostalgia, you've inspired me. I need to get at making an 80's vibe song now too. I really like what you did to create the lead guitar sound, so good! Nice work.

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Nice build. Very easy to listen to! Your process sounds like brain surgery to me!

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Sounds good and cool. Sounds bodacious, actually. I like the Linn Drums (?) and the synth pads in the beginning especially. Even the sampled vocals have a bit of a Prince feel to them. Well done! Smile

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Prince has also had a huge influence on me, although you wuld never know by listening to the songs \i write, This piece gives me the same kind of energy I used to get from lstening to \prince,

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Love the drums and vocal sample. So much fun to do, right?

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Hit your starred track to get a feel for what you got excited about and you didn't disappoint. This is cool.

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Very cool and I can definitely hear an early 80s Prince vibe. Wished it was a little longer. Very catchy choices of samples, they work fantastic in the music. I like this lots!

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Nice wash of sounds ... the drums and keyboards are very 80s-ish, and that lead guitar is total Prince. Really nice and mellow ... takes the listener to a fluffy place!

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I like those drums. A well done arrangement here with good timbre effects.

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I’ve got to say that I think you’ve got that perfect Linn drum sound off! Brilliant.

Love the use of the sample here, and the keyboard textures are gorgeous!

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Bass beat now. A little bit of hats and synth now. Wow, that screaming synth sound panning back and forth is cool. Love the vocal sample. Yeah, that screaming guitar adds a lot to this. Cool groove. uumm vocal...that works. Oh wow, that ending worked out nicely. I heard it on my headset and could hear everything. Good mix. Nice.

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Wow, this is fantastic! Huge drums indeed, and I love that you used a vocal sample to make the lead guitar! The song has a very cohesive feeling, from the drum intro, the wide synth, and the pitched vocals... I love it!