Places You Never Expected

Places You Never Expected

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Liner Notes: 

All started from a guitar sample I found on Splice.
Chopped off like 90 percent of it and looped it, pitching up and down every other measure.
Drums came next; made a simple pattern that gave a bit of bop.
Ah, then the vocal stuffs. I just went shopping through stuff I've grabbed off of Splice and something about this Google Translate-sounding male vocal really caught my ear as it played over the beat. So I fixed the timing to match. It was basically a bunch of gibberish in Translate, but....I found meaning in the kinda random words.
Anyway, used the same sample in a different sampler and turned it melodic and used bits and pieces to play some "melody lines". Did the same thing but used the vox as a sort of pad.
Felt like it needed some more ME, so I did some little piano riffage toward the end. Then I wanted some sort of intro and had a random idea of doing some lone piano stuff with a bit of feel and one of the melodic vox doing...stuff...along with it. I dunno where that came from lol
And decided to go a little bit back into for the outro.
Dunno...not gonna be everybody's cup of boba tea, but I kinda like this.

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Listening now with headphones...nice piano intro. Dig the vocal samples. Has a good beat. Soothing background piano. Love the piano outro. Good mix! Nice job with the liner notes and I always like hearing how the production was created.

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i kinda like it too. one of the more imaginative mixes ive heard this year. all th e parts are interesting and you have put them together with taste and style

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Oh yeah, strange enough to appeal to me for sure.
I'm liking the weird vocal samples on top of the more conventional musical backing.
Yup, great use of samples.
Good headphone mix, too.

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That bass got nice booty-bounce to it. Your mix is nice in the headphones. What did you use to mix this with? The end reminds me of BeatBox from Art of Noise? Remember them?