The silence that exists between the notes

The silence that exists between the notes

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Liner Notes: 

A track experimenting with multiple time signatures (3/4 and 4/4). It started on the piano, but I thought it sounded better as a cello.



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Cool...listening on the headphones...guitar just kicked in. Yes, I like that Cello, guitar, and melody. A bit of grunge guitar now...sounds cool. Nice change up in the middle. Good job on this, I like it.

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A pleasant listen to the strings and keys. Funny thing how 3/4 and 4/4 intersect at 12/8. Smile

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I have to admit that i only listened because I've liked your other stuff! The notes made me think oo oo! But im glad i did it was a very enjoyable piece of music!

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Yup, good choice with the cello.
Nice minimalist guitar.
Ooh, then the angry guitar enters!
Really nice work here.

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Interesting mix of instruments that actually sounded cool together. Also a different vibe with the classical melodies and the guitar riffs. I was kept engaged because I wanted to hear what you'd do next.
Speaking of the melody, the cello (are there strings, too?) was quite relaxing and I found this chilled me out a bit.