Knock Me Out

Knock Me Out

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Liner Notes: 

My first collab with Kristi in this year's 50/90. And most certainly not the last one. I like the playfulness and optimism of Kristi's lyrics. The chorus is really nice. Thanks, Kristi for these lyrics.

This demo was done under three hours which was my original plan to do with every song. But I got a bit excited earlier this week and relapsed to 5-6 hour demos, like the previous demo "Oh, Caroline!". I have learned my lesson now. You can't spend too much time on any demo when going for 50 songs. Still, this has been a wonderful first week for me!

Kristi says: This is fun and catchy and thank you again, Klaus, for bringing these lyrics to life! Very energetic and toe-tappin'!!



Another Friday rolls around
I’ve waited for this day
Work is work till five o’clock
And then I wanna play

Another weekend to explore
Where would you like to go
Ride across the lake and back
I’ll grab the oars and row

But I don’t care, I’ll go anywhere if you

Knock me out
With a whisper
Blow me away
With a kiss
Surprise me with
A few moments
Throw adventure into the mix
Knock me out
with a whisper...

before we know the sun will dip
and cast colors in the sky
Day is done but we’re inspired
To make the most of time

Oh, I don’t care, I’ll go anywhere when you

Knock me out
With a whisper
Blow me away
With a kiss
Surprise me with
A few moments
Throw adventure into the mix
Knock me out
with a whisper...

Let’s run in the rain
And get soaking wet
Listen to nature
Get out of our heads

Knock me out
With a whisper
Blow me away
With a kiss
Surprise me with
A few moments
Throw adventure into the mix
Knock me out
with a whisper
Blow me away...

...and knock me out

©2019 Kristi McKeever

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Brilliant lyrics and music. So wonderful to hear Kristi's lyrics in rock and roll song. It's happy, optimistic, melodious, catchy and sing along. Very enjoyable listen, made me smile. Thank you both so much.

cindyrella's picture

An awesome song! Knocks me out-yeah like that isn't obvious. Kristi is so talented in her writing and you did wonders with her words!

jcollins's picture

I like everything about this song! Great job on the lyrics Kristi. Klaus, your guitar playing, melody, vocals sound awesome. I noticed the bridge too...excellent. Another fun positive song and these are always my favorites. Great job...both. Smile

metalfoot's picture

Playful, Beatles-y music to suit the playful lyric. What a great collab!

Michael Standing's picture

Yes it's got that Beatles pop feel you should check out my "You Lifted Me Up draft 2" lyric.

coolparadiso's picture

yup your choice of when to change is inspired (which is why you get a beatlish sound they were masters at it) - few can do it so well! well done again- very good lyrics from Kristi ground it.

Oooh ooh oohh that chord progression into the chorus, very very good. So well pulled off, generally cool chords and verse riff for this song. The melodies are very good and the lyrics are also great, especially in the chorus. It's a very well structured romantic lyric. Fantastic outro as well, good job both of you!

benjo's picture

Yeah nice

I really enjoyed reading this lyric before my listen
love the cast colours in the sky, great imagery
work in all ways for me good stuff

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Really fun and, as others have pointed out, great unexpected change between "lift" and "chorus." Simple guitar/vocal approach works well ... somehow, other sounds and melodies are implied, particularly during the bridge. Makes me want to "run in the rain" and sing.

Jerry Pettit's picture

Great job on the lyrics, Kristi, and Klaus--JEEZ, I love your vocal. A bit of a husky (light) tone in places that I think is wonderful. Fantastic job on this song!!

barbara's picture

Such a fun song, and I’m still feeling the beat way after it’s over. That verse guitar work is splendid. The whole song is mad catchy and feel-good, which suits the fun romance of the lyrics.

TomS's picture

Wow, that's hellacious melody composition there. Love all things about this. Key changes are primo. Is it a rhapsody?

Silver Machine's picture

Klaus, mate, you have the gift of McCartney. This is totally irresistible, I am being rubbed all over with fragrant melody.
Rock n roll has never sounded so good acoustically either.
Mustn't forget the lyric which is the epitome of carefree youth.
Bloody excellent guys.

Acousticmaddie's picture

I love this one, great lyrics and the line Knock me out
With a whisper creates a very well written image. Great performed.

spirulence's picture

these lyrics are really solid, Kristi! and what you've done with the surprising key changes is wonderful, Klaus!

I am reminded of a simpler era in music where more songs were done like this - wonderful playing, optimistic lyrics...excellent

DeannaSweidel's picture

Oh this chorus <3
And the melody is catchy - I was singing along by the end!

Susan Cantey's picture

Wonderful little song! Simple and direct, lyrically and musically. You guys made a great team! Well done. Give rose