Candlewick Jingle

Candlewick Jingle

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Liner Notes: 

While I'm at it, my wife and daughter are in another local theatre company called Candlewick, which also operates a live theatre venue, dance studio, etc. So here's a jingle for them too! (I was in a play put on by this company back in the winter.)

Again, not likely to ever be used but fun to write.


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Candlewick Productions includes the Kenmor Theatre, Danceworks Studios, Xplor Drama, and CW Players, with activities in both Morden and Manitou.
Part of the Pembina Valley community, presenting the arts in a family-friendly context.
Check out to learn more!

Light the spark of your imagination

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that was something competely different. its a jingle......its an ad.....its METALFOOT!!!!!

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's META-ALEXO flying off to save another Production Company! Smile
And also a nice and short song. Oida! This is bodacious.

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Very functional and still aesthetically pleasing. I'd call that a win!

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Where can I get tickets???? Darn hard to write a good jingle. Has to be complete in almost no time. Props to you, this is excellent. Smile

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You have a terrific radio-announcer voice! I quite like the lovely Beatles-like harmonies of the musical portion too! You need to start charging your local businesses for these things!

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You have so much talent, sir! Fun to hear you having fun with this, I almost expected it to be followed by more radio content. Well done.

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Another great jingle that advertises exactly what it needs to!