Flatlands Jingle

Flatlands Jingle

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Liner Notes: 

I'm part of a local theatre company, and this is an ad jingle I just composed for it just for the heck of it. It'll likely never get used but whatever. I like this chord structure a lot and will likely reuse it for something else.

EDIT: I sent this to the director of the theatre company on a whim, and she liked it enough she asked me to lightly rewrite some of the words and IT WILL BE USED next week. Wow. I'll update this once I get a chance to do the rewrite, hopefully tomorrow!

EDIT 2: Updated version now posted.


Flatlands Theatre Company

Flatlands Theatre Company
Has shows for the whole family
Flatlands Theatre Company
Has shows made just for you and me

With comedy and drama
In themes all safe for your mama
On stage or out in the park
Our shows are really a lark
The actors hail from our region
Come take part in the new season!

This year, come see Sherlock Holmes in our November production, or Emma in the Spring production in May!
Flatlands Theatre Company is based out of the PW Enns Concert Hall in Winkler. Check out flatlandstheatre.com for more info!

Flatlands Theatre Company
Has shows for the whole family
Flatlands Theatre Company
Has shows made just for you and me

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great fun! and I bet great theater! (been on a theater binge here, and being in NYC, there's alot (almost too much!) to choose from!
(maybe i should write about that, aha!)

It's a good jingle, in all aspects.

As you said, won't get used, nevertheless, and then "just for fun"?, -- keep in mind radio spots may be sold in chunks, all used or not; so if really playing with it? - hit 30 secs exactly. And, the voice-over-dub message, if slowed every so slightly could come in earlier if needed. I wonder if you could not get a cogent 15 sec spot Wink

Jingle-house, now that's a stressful gig!

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Yah it wll! It's great, totally catchy but also down-home and not overly slick which speaks to the community aspect. Great work.

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This is great! So glad it will get air time! Congrats!!!!

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Bright and breezy and there's clever lyrics in it. Good placement of the voiceover. No wonder they snaffled it. Um...do they pay? Biggrin

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This one is nice too. Now that we don't have Weekly Challenge prompts anymore this could one: write a jingle for a real or imaginary company. Be as friendly or vicious as you can be. Like for example a jingle for "Ben and Jerry's" or Exxon. Smile

You also have a very nice speaking voice on both of these jingles. So smooth...

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I love the summer theater season! Also, Sherlock Holmes? My FAVORITE!!! Holmes was my first literary rap. I'll send you the link if you're interested. Bonus points for use of the word "lark" in modern context!!!

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Man I love Holmes of any sort. Again, where can I get tickets????

Cool story, and nice jingle. It's a nice tune with the spoken part fitting perfectly, well sung also. Good stuff.

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You are so darn involved! Kudos to you. Fun jingle and bouncy rhythm!

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That is such a great jingle, and a wonderful advertisement for the theatre company!

I see a new job potential. Smile