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Anxiety (demo 5090-2019 )

Liner Notes: 

Songs usually present themselves in my head line by line and I never know how they will end or who they will present. This just started to play inside my head while walking the dogs. Hope you lik eit.


1, I came with the morning dew
I came when your moon was new
I gave you doubt
You longing and pain

2, I hide and I sing in the shaded rain
When you least need me I am here
I m howling inside your atmosphere
I gave you doubt
You longing and pain
I hide and I Dance in your shaded rain

3, You can¨'t see me
But I see you
Theres nothing babe You can do
I gave you doubt
You longing and pain
I sing and I dance in the shaded rain

4, They call me anxiety
And you can run but you wont be free
I gave you doubt
deep breath and new pain
And you cant run butits all in vain

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A really good depiction of how anxiety attacks present themselves (I don't have them often enough to need any therapy or treatment but... yeah. I do get them from time to time).

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I use Sony (now Magix) Vegas also, for my lyric videos. Inspired by you, today, for the first time, I actually did a video--since the topic of the song was my old hometown flooding. It's uploading now and I hope you enjoy it. I really enjoyed this one of yours--love the creepy sound effects. You've got a real knack for that. Nice vocal!!

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Pretty inspiring, thank you so much... (I love the ghoulish sounds effects...)

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Nice intro with the wolf howl -- really sets the scene. Yeah, that lurking feral being. It will tear you apart.

The background sounds are very intense, the things waiting for you right around the corner.

Very intense, this one, good job.

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I like your writing process...not knowing what will come and allowing the music to just unfold for you line after line.

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This is fantastic! The words are a wonderfully rich personification of anxiety. The music video is great! Wonderful backdrops and engagement.

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Love the nylon string guitar and the video. Really clever personification of a problem we all face!

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I like the atmosphere that yo create with all the non musical sounds and I love the creepiness. Also like the personification of anxiety. We all deal with him now and then.

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Love the sound effects and how the visuals fade in and out. The personification of anxiety is very real. I like how it's only mentioned at the end. I like the levels of intensity in your vocals. Nice playin' too!

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Beautiful and insinuating, this song grabs the listener in its psychological web and does a terrific job making the audience feel the disquiet. You have a rare talent for evoking these dark, gloomy, scary mental spaces. Terrific use of sound effects too!

Great tune, it has a good feel to it, works well with the lyrics. Your deliver it quite well with the spooky sounds over it, nice!

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Story telling chord progression and it works in a creepy way with these menacing lyrics. Nicely done!

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Hey Maddie! I love, Love, LOVE this song! First I really love the steady waltz and how you are playing the guitar! That really keeps me hooked in and listening. And I love your vocals with the dynamics from soft to loud! The video is a real treat and I love seeing your pretty smile at various points in the song!! Your lyrics really capture the subject of anxiety well! I enjoyed this song a lot! Great work!!

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Oh, this is awesome - a personification of anxiety, with your trademark drama and personal guitar-vocal performance.
You have a real gift for using your voice as an instrument to convey emotion. I know I'll always get that when I listen to you.
(I love the spoken intro in the video, too!)