In Spite of Everything

In Spite of Everything

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Liner Notes: 

Cindy's lyrics are inspiring as usual. I bought a bunch of guitar loops at half price a few days ago to help my creative juices during50/90, but I'm struggling to get their cooperation. This loop was mellow and felt like a good fit for the lyric.


In Spite of Everything
© 2019 Cindy Prince & Susan Cantey

Anne Frank came to this conclusion
In spite of all she endured
When I get dismayed with others
Her hope reassures

When hatred spills across my way
I can't help but ask why it's so
I can’t begin to understand it
Most days I just let it go

"In spite of everything I still believe
people are really good at heart"

So, I look for the good
Whenever I can
How else will we rise up
Unless the common man?
How will we evolve
If not through the heart?
This is the best way
The right place to start

When the TV is flashing death
When headlines are about war
I chose to turn it off and tune it out
Then walk out the door

I find sanctuary in nature
There I can clear my heart and my head
I look into my neighbor’s eyes
This is how love is spread

"In spite of everything I still believe
that people are really good at heart"

Repeat chorus

"In spite of everything I still believe
people are really good at heart"

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cindyrella's picture

This gave me goosebumps Susan! You keep getting better it seems and this is inspirational-even to me! Thank you!

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Great song. lovely put together. Absolutely stunning vocal performance. Great strumming

MarkG's picture

A calming and reassuring message fits together beautifully with the music and vocals. A very nice collab. I like the message to turn off the tv and turn to nature.

Jerry Pettit's picture

Gorgeous song! Wonderful lyrics from Cindy--as always--and what a vocal you've put on it, Susan! A great choice on the loop--might have to open my mind to using those (and you might want to explore Band In A Box, that I use for my backing tracks). Just excellent!!

aricate's picture

Lovely! Your voice and those lyrics are such a good comb. That soaring chorus!

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I've been crying since I woke up because of everything that happened yesterday, and this is so beautiful and perfect for right now.