Brother Blue

Brother Blue

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Liner Notes: 

Brother Blue was an unforgettable presence in Harvard Square and beyond. His one man adaptaiions of Shakespeares plays were extraordinary. He was living poetry something of a madman. , part genius and part idiot, Those who knew him loved hm. Others kept their distance. This song is a tribute to him, a remembrance of him. check out a clip of him doing king lear


A leaf on the tree
Floated up to the sky
It wasnt a leaf at all
It was a butterfly

That was the first thing I learned from Brother Blue
He told it to me. Im telling you,

Blue could shake a spear
Into King Lear
And pull it out without a stain
He put on Merlins hat
And that was that
Let Romero take the blame

Thats the way it was with Brother Blue
He was a friend of mine Hed love to make friends with you

Black people dont gt anywhere
Until they reach the top of their game
White folks who sing out of tune
Are big stars, household name

Thats the second thing I learned from Brother Blue

I asked him why he took the time
To teach the art of storytelling
To people who couldnt rhyme.
He said if you were on Mars
And some Martian was telling a story
I bet you would sit down and listen
You wouldnt give a hoot if he was shaking a spear
Or just licking his bone

Now that is the essence of Brother Blue
He dropped out of divinity school
He went down to Harvard Square
You and I, weve been there
We learned a lot form Brother Blue

For instance
Poetry cannot survive in the poetry slam
But the slam might be the only thing
Keeping poetry alive

Just another thing I earned from Brother Blue
He told it to me Im telling you
Ill always remember my friend Brother Blue
Bringing joy and wisdom to me and you
Brother Blue

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Nice clean cut on this one. Yes, let the characters in the work "take the blame", -- who, else?!

Sounds like new strings or plugged in (guitar)... -- diff way of recording, works! Somethings diff don't tell me no Smile ! uhhh... or maybe I got the sheit outta my ears?! (No back up singers with fur lately too! Wink )

-- So, competition for your "top-40" Smile ... neck and neck for "The Deep".

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Your voice lends itself to this style of storytelling blues.
Digging the strumming. Both aspects come together on these cool lyrics; and the inspiration behind them sounds pretty cool, too.
Great writing.

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This is one of your best. That opening is so beautiful and I love that it is about someone.

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Great story, lots of good lines, very entertaining, sounds great. A fine song.

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He sounds like a great man indeed. Good to hear the song is so good too, it's blues music and it's a tribute, that's a pretty cool combination.

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Very nice bluesy treatment of this. Really liking your performances this "season", Bill! Great story!

Your voice got me from the start in this tribute to a storyteller. Pretty tasty guitar served up with some brother wisdom. The real deal.

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What a lovely song to pay tribute to an obviously majestic human bean. I love the bluesy vibe and your noodling about on the guitar too! Nailed it.

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Love the way you start the song ... delaying the intro of the main character with some poetic description. The Mars verse is just great. And the the tangly guitar interludes are pretty fab too. Very nice.

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This is toe-tapping and a cool tribute to Brother Blue. I watched the clip...had not heard of him so am glad to know he graced the streets with his vision. I like how this song addresses us, personally. Enjoyed the guitar and wisdom to boot!