San Mateo

San Mateo

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Liner Notes: 

A track composed on the OP-Z, while on the train to San Mateo.

I gotta say I'm falling more and more in love with the OP-Z! Such a small creature, so powerful! I wrote this in 20 minutes, sampling the train noises, applying an LFO on the shakers, modulating filters. Another hour later I had the arrangement, and I recorded the song straight to my phone — via USB, so there's no noise! And I haven't even started exploring advanced features like the step components, the different effects and the tape/performer tracks!



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That's pretty cool! Really lovely song and great arrangement, but I'm now also intrigued by this tiny machine sound.

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youve got a good bit of kit there - and you are doing good things with it

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Ooooh, an OP-Z!! I don't often long for hardware, but that is one that is at the top of my list. Seems so cool when I watch videos of people creating on it.
Love that you sampled the train that you were on, that's the kind of creativity that makes music so fun.
This vibe...I guess since the train thing is in my head now, the song actually has a vibe of a train moving along its track through all kinds of landscapes...everyone chilling in their own little world in their seats as the real world passes by outside.
Yeah, this piece envokes, and I think that is the mark of a great song.
The arp is swell on top of the fitting rhythm and the lead synth is never intrusive or too busy - every single bit is 'chill' defined.
Good, good stuff

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San Mateo got my attention - used to live in Redwood Shores. Cool sound. I must take a look at this OP-Z, although I’ve been digging the beat sequencer on GB on the iPad-Pro for mobile creating.

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I'm not sure what an OP-Z is, but you obviously put it to good use.
This is quite nice; I get the train feel for sure, but maybe a train driven by Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream.
Pretty relaxing track you got here.
Really nicely done!


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I work in San Mateo! Now trying to find a connection between something about San Mateo and the elements in your track - it does have a kinda mellow-but-techy vibe.

Really enjoyed this listen. So cool to hear the OP-Z in action

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This is really lovely! Love the build and the synth melody that comes in around a minute and a half. I loved reading about your mobile production! The title attracted me as I used to live in Redwood City about a million years ago. I really enjoyed my listen! Really nice work on this new song!!