Reggaegrass in C Minor

Reggaegrass in C Minor

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Liner Notes: 

I like picking out sweet riffs from other genres on the banjo! This one started with a heavy riff from Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" (not the famous one, though). As I figured out what key I was playing in, I realized it could spin off in both a reggae and a bluegrass direction! So why not combine them?
The fast-picked solo is two tracks. Couldn't decide which one I liked so I kept them both - a dueling banjos with myself.

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Reggaegrass! I love love love it. Nice tone on both instruments. Very cool tune!

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Yes indeed. Reggaegrass. This piece has a nice journey to it.

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nicely done, and the opening (and closing) sections, in particular, are, shall i say.... 'garcia-esque'? Smile

love this!

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Two genres I didn't imagine would go together and yet here I am, nodding along and grinning Biggrin Like the changes in pace between section - both laidback reggae and frenetic bluegrass being represented there. Really enjoyable listen!

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You combined several things I really like. The up tempo interval was effective. Enjoyed it!

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Yes this certainly works. Nice rhythm all the way through.

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Trippy combination, I am very much digging the unique groove and changes. Has a feel of a weird soundtrack tune. Very cool!

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Love me some reggaegrass. Interesting change up part way through, I wasn't expecting that !

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I like doing that too. I used to try to imitate electric guitar solos on my recorder. Probably how I got good at recorder. I love the harmony in this. I like the sudden change in energy in the middle. I like the rhythm in the guitar for the A section. It's a little reggae, but not heavily reggae. I might not have even thought of it if you hadn't said it. Lovely job again!