If You're Gonna Go

If You're Gonna Go

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Liner Notes: 

Found a new tuning for this one! - CGDGCD. I really should invest in a baritone acoustic guitar, all my songs are dropped down to C these days...


If you want to go
I won’t beg you to stay
I won’t fall apart or lose my way

If you’re gonna go, then go
I’m not scared of being alone
I’m not as broken as you thought I was
I am all I am – and it’s enough

I’m coming back to the center
All my senses waking up
I spent all my life
Putting myself together
And no one can take that from me

If you want to go
I won’t beg you to stay
I don’t got no fight left anyway

If you’re gonna go, then go
And make sure that door stays closed
No more running
No more games
No more meeting you more than half way

If you want to go
I’m not standing in your way
I’ve got nothing else left to say

If you’re gonna go, then go
If you don’t love me, tell me so
Replace the silence with the truth’s harsh call
I don’t mind the dissonance at all

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Love the melody of the chorus especially. Deeply relatable lyrics for any of us who have been in a hard breakdown of a relationship. As always, lovely music and vocals.

And yes, get a baritone guitar!!! (I know, telling a musician to get new equipment is DANGER, right? LOL)

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tasty little runs on the guitar there... nice tuning. your vocal delivery is so strong and solid, kinda suits the sureness of the lyrics, very nice all round

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Love the bluesy guitar feel - really nice vocals and relatable lyrics.

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Really nice, love the melody. I like the verses starting with the "if you want to go", that's powerful. Great way to launch the story. I like that the protagonist is strong, and will be sad but not devastated.

This reminds me of Bob Mould a bit, it's like a much prettier version of the kind of thing he did for a long time.

I really like the line "I am all I am – and it’s enough", it was really powerful and powerfully delivered. IF it was me, I might bring that back at the end, repeated, to end on a strong thought and a powerful bit of melody. But then, I really like endings like that. Might just be me.

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I like the emotional spectrum of this song. It sounds like the character is trying to sound strong and decisive (Make sure that door stays closed) but isn't totally convinced or convincing (I don't mind the dissonance at all.) As usual, your guitar and vocals convey the story as well. Good to hear your songs here, all summer long!

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Jack, This is gorgeous. Those instrumental runs on your guitar are so awesome. The lyrics of your verses are so conversational and that chorus! I love that chorus. You are the whole package and I look forward to buying your next album with this song on it! I am so glad we can purchase this as a single!