Dang Daug

Dang Daug

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Liner Notes: 

Started out in BIAB with the "DANGDUT1" style and use a lot of D augmented chords, hence the name. Glad to finally get one on the board.

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Nice latiny rhythm here, and I love the lead synth you used.
Kudos on bringing in that mellotron-esque choir sound, adds tons of atmosphere.

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Sounds beautiful in an exotic and mysteriously intriguing way. I like the main synth sound/theme and how the music ebbs and flows to and fro between calm and not so calm. Bonza instrumental! Smile

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Cool rhythm and nice melody. Nice full sound and sounds really good (I have headset on). This would work nice with lyrics replacing that melody. That said, sounds good the way it is too. Change up now...works really well...love the drums too. Easy to listen to and a very nice mix. Great job on this!