The Old Folding Table

The Old Folding Table

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Liner Notes: 

I'm living at Omega Institute and there's a staff space with a folding table in the corner. This is where I set up my recording set up so I described basically what I see on the table. It's a mess but it's my creative space.


This old folding table is covered in cables
Looped around like an interstate
The power strip in the back is plugged into the max
It will surely short out one day
I’ve got picks in the ashtray, ready to play
A notebook and plenty of pens
I should pick up my guitar, it’s not too far
But I stare at my screen instead

There’s a couple of dead moths, I don’t know how they got there
So I sweep them on the floor
I think I should vacuum but it seems like a hassle
So I won’t

It’s dirty and it’s messy and it’s gross
It’s cluttered and I don’t care who knows
This is the place where I do what I do
The old table in the corner of the room

The table was there when I moved in
And I was desperate for a surface
All my shit fits so I gotta admit
That this table really serves its purpose
I’m only here for a few months then I’ll move on
Someone new will claim this spot
I’m grateful to this table for being so able
To handle all I’ve got

It’s stable and it’s sturdy and it’s fine
You could probably order one online
Still, this table is one of a kind

This is the place where I find my truth
And I can do exactly what I want to do
Just me and the old table in the corner of the room

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A really great description of your situation -- that table in the corner sounds not unlike my brown couch!

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Outstanding write. I grinned and nodded my head all the way through. As I move a pencil aside to access my mouse who's cable is encroaching on the keyboard I can appreciate your situation. The lyric paints a wonderful picture. Great job.

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I love your voice! I could seriously listen to you sing the phone book Biggrin

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Very clever song about a mundane object. Excellent song and demo!

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Such a light-hearted and fun song!

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Oh, your voice is fine form, it sounds very, very good here. I like that melody a lot. You're easy and personable performance sounds great. You've shown some very good writing skills on this one.