Reflective Waltz

Reflective Waltz

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Liner Notes: 

Needed a little piano therapy between songs. Love waltzes...wish I could do what Chopin did...he's like...well piano hero.

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I find this refreshing, although there is sadness in the balance.

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Music is therapy and listening to this makes me feel good. So pretty!

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Sweet and lovely melody. The left hand has a bit of Moonlight Sonata in the opening, at least that's what I thought of first. Nice counterpoint between the bass and melody before the mood switch around 1:13. I like that "bridge", though it's not called that in classical music... A bit of melancholy, but confident movement too.

Love this. It reminds me more of Satie than Chopin, although I did get the Beethoven reference that Eric spotted. It's restful and lilting, but there's an occasional note of darkness in there too. I'm feeling pleasantly chilled after listening to this.

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Beautiful yet haunting. You have such a lovely touch on the keys - this is sending chills down my back!

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Gorgeous introspective feel ... I really like how you use the broken chords so perfectly to create beautiful aural textures and hues.

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Veryt beautiful and heartfelt. Great poignant piano with a real soul of its own

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I love waltzes. This kind of sounds like some of the prettier stuff that Danny Elfmann wrote before he became Tim Burton's exclusive composer... but you have a better grasp of harmony (I'm being completely serious there). I love the jazz moments. This is seriously beautiful.