A Traditional Folk Song From The Hilly Northern Region In The Constitutional Monarchy Of Mustornia

A Traditional Folk Song From The Hilly Northern Region In The Constitutional Monarchy Of Mustornia

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Liner Notes: 

Hey there, folks!!

My friend Marc (not a 50/90 participant) sent me the guitar track here and asked me to do something with it.
This is the result after I finished monkeying around in the lab.

Everything but the guitar is mine, so blame me if you don't like it. Smile

I'm not sure how tall those Mustornians are, but they sound like pretty tiny people....

Mixed for headphones, of course.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Very cool! I like what you did and it made me smile this morning!

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Ha, I love it, melodic and delightfully eccentric.
I know it would not have the same appeal if it accompanied a bunch of cuddly multicoloured imps on kids TV,
but somehow you know Fuzzy's Mustornians are into bondage and heavy rubber.
Much longer than your normal compositions but sounds like your friends guitar piece set the duration.

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haha i forgot i was listening to a Fuzzy track till the Mustorians came in. very relaxing though, they are some chilled out little dudes.

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Something strange happened in the lab and I like it. It's funny how a hypnotizing guitar track can turn into something unforeseen like this. Melodica rules too, great to hear where it goes!

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Not your usual Fuzzy-fied weirdness at first, which makes it weird. But really pretty. And then that Mustorian chorus comes in - fun, maybe drunken, bunch. Enthusiastic, and they can hold a tune no matter what state they are in.
Your friend created a hypnotic, chilled, organic groove - ideal for layering interesting and unusual things atop it.

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Wonderful title. Melodica simply hypnotic. Love the fingerpicked guitar. Almost sounds normal until the vocals enter! A chorus of demented chipmunks or stoned little people ... what could be better?

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Oh, the pastoral bliss! This Mustornian folk song is now officially one of my feel-good songs of this summer. When Mustornians sing it puts a smile on my face. Also kudos for one of the longest song titles in Challenge ever. I wonder how long can titles be before the site's code cuts them? Smile

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I love this one, mellow and melodic, hypnotic and imaginative. So good!!

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I may have mentioned it previously, but I NEED A GODDAMN MELODICA.
I was chilling outside listening to this in my courtyard, when the Mustorians kicked in. The gnomes that live here starting singing along. Perhaps they are distant relatives?

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Must be quiet a sight when those Mustorians gather round the fire and fall into one of their traditional folk songs.
PS: What did your friend say to the result?

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Wonderful title, very relaxing song. Love the melodica and the Mustorians.

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I really like the relaxed, laid-back folksiness of the music, and when the Mustornians join in to sing along -- well, sir, it is absolute, pure magic!

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Was it you that did a series of highly amusing fake ethnographies last year or the year before. Anyway... I quite enjoyed this. And in the beginning I was listening and thinking "Melodica, not accordion?" Yep. Of course! I also like the guitar in this... how it ambles back and forth and doesn't really resolve. Those Mustornians must be a nomadic society, because this is a traveling song.

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Nice one! The melodica and voices go very well with the guitar. Those vocal harmonies are great as well!

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My favorite fuzzy genre!
Tell your friend I really like the wandering feel to the guitar! And I love the tiny Mustornians' singalong with it. The melodica/guitar combo is super pretty and relaxing--very hypnotic.

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Darn, those Mustornians’ harmonies are fabulous!

The melodica is beautiful, as is Marc’s guitar.

Actually, an incredibly calming piece. Lovely touch with the twittering at the end!