Colleen O’Breen

Colleen O’Breen

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Liner Notes: 

I searched long lists of Irish surnames until I found one that was easy to rhyme. This is like one of those 1800s death-n-dying songs.


Colleen O’Breen

Oh, it was two years at most since I’d left the coast
When I sailed from fair Ireland so green
Of wild hills I dreamed and dear pleasant valley streams
When I dreamed of my Colleen O’Breen

When my good ship arrived of joy I was deprived
For my Colleen O’Breen was all gone
In a grave near the quay overlooking the spray
The name Colleen was written in stone

As damp cold breezes moan and my broken heart groans
I walk past the quay to the sad scene
On the pathway I go with my steps extra slow
To be there with my Colleen O’Breen

She was loyal to me as I sailed o’er the sea
For there was no other Colleen loved
I recall all her smiles sweetest in Irish isles
The only girl I ever dreamed of

For the rest of my days on no other I’ll gaze
As I place flowers gently serene
I will walk by the old quay and softly I’ll say
Til we meet again Colleen O’Breen

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What a heartbreak to come back from the sea and find out Colleen had died. I read this a couple of times and think you did an amazing job on this Larry. You know I like all of your songs but this one is really touching. You always deliver my friend. Great job!