Weed Eater Blues!

Weed Eater Blues!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, this guy finished his yard work. Thanks, your friend Jimmy


Weed Eater Blues

Weed Eater Blues
He settled on the grass in his shoes
Weed Eater Blues
Where he has yard work to do

He went to the rake
He went to the garden hose
They are in the light and shade
He's got the grass on his clothes


He's got them in the ground
They are cutting along the tree
He keeps moving his tools around
They are both very busy

Weed Eater Blues
His grass keeps turning yellow
Weed Eater Blues
It wants to turn yellow tomorrow

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My grass is yellow too! I think it's time to break out that weed eater, rake, and hose. Thanks for the reminder. Smile