Mama's In the Kitchen

Mama's In the Kitchen

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Liner Notes: 

As my wife made dinner the other night, I was running through some blues riffs. A song was born.


Mama's in the kitchen cookin' bacon on the stove
I'm pickin' on my banjo, think I'll play some "Shady Grove"

Mama's in the kitchen fryin' bacon in the pan
I'm pickin' real high lonesome
but I'm a happy man

Mama's in the kitchen cookin' bacon, biscuits brown
I pick out my last notes as the dinner bell does sound

Mama's in the kitchen, serves that bacon up for me
I will do the dishes 'cause we live in harmony

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Bacon and biscuits - yum! Fun song - well done!

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This could be a century old. Well done. And you are on a roll this 5090.

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I just saw this-after I posted my lyric! Maybe we're thinking alike Smile This is so much fun!

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Hi Chip, I love these kinds of songs and it sounds great. Awesome job on the lyrics and performance...really good. I was just looking at cindyrella newest song which is great too. You did good Chip.

Fuzzy's picture

I surely do love your laid-back style.
I'm liking the sweet and simple lyrics - sounds like all is right with the world.
Nice banjo stylin'.
Good job!!!

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Well now I want bacon and biscuits. I love this light bluesy tune. Sounds like it’s always been there but it’s completely your own.

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This is fabulous! Love that plucking, steady talking song! I can smell the bacon. Smile