Rust and Blue

Rust and Blue

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Liner Notes: 

I liked Kahlo's lyric...struggled a bit with music for this one.

Liz (Kahlo2013) says: I am so grateful for Susan’s beautiful music on this! The melody is gorgeous as it soars and flows on top of the rhythmic guitar. Lush harmonies shine! Thank you!!!!!



once filled my heart
passionate explosions
from dawn through dark
bright ruby reds
and brilliant golds
sparked love songs
so sweet and bold
bright ruby reds
and brilliant golds....
but now my heart is growing old
I am missing you....
and my heart is growing cold
I am wanting you....
oh my heart is aching so
now here without you....
so my heart is not sweet and bold
it is rust and blue
yeah this heart is not sweet and bold
it is rust and blue
once filled my soul
with moving cadenzas
both high and low
bright arpeggios
on colorful chords
played love songs
richly adorned
bright arpeggios
on colorful chords
but now my soul is growing old
I am missing you....
and my soul is growing cold
I am wanting you....
oh my soul is aching so
now here without you....
so my soul is not richly adorned
it is rust and blue
yeah this soul is not richly adorned
it is rust and blue
oh this heart is not sweet and bold
it is rust and blue... ooo...oo...
yeah this soul is not richly adorned
it is rust and ...oo..
rust and
rust and
rust and blue

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I loved Liz's lyrics and I think this works well! Nice

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The lyrics are so wistful, melancholic and rich. The harmonies transported me.

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Lovely collab., great performance. Lovely approach to these fine lyrics.

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The melody was beautiful. I especially enjoyed the timing changes. Nice harmony and the guitar treatment was a treat. Very emotion rich! The lyric is lovely. Reminds me I need to read through more of yours Liz! Hopefully we can collab this summer again!

Wonderful words and beautiful harmonies; what a lovely collab this is. On listening, I'd never have thought the music didn't come easy. I really like the way the guitar works in counterpoint to Susan's voice in the chorus. But I must admit that when that oh-so-deep bass kicked in, I jumped. That is a killer sound!

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Dang, the longing and passion in this one makes me a little heartsick. Nice solid ending with the harmonies in there.

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Susan did a great job with this! Her voice is lovely and soaring, and the strumming and chord changes and tempo shifts are super interesting - like a mini-opera.
The vocal brings out the magic in each syllable, and the word choices are unique. Wonderful collab to create such an evocative song!

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Wow! Very nice job, ladies. That vibrato vocal is...AWESOME! Man, I wish I could sing like that. Nice work all around--lyrics, guitar and, man...that vocal!

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Now that's interesting, the music struggle. Doesn't come across as a struggle (other than our usual limitations of quick sketches to keep the schedule!) The pauses punctuate really well, so much better than continuous. Harmonies (vox) lift, and I wholly approve of that bass. Liz, the lyrics are sad and lovely and I thing the collab has worked out great! Great unaccomp. ending!

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Another great Collaboration match it is. Susan, your voice and harmonies are impressive as always they are, and a wonderful blending with these emotionally powerful Lizy lyrics. Russ Smile

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First, a collaboration with these two professionals is exciting without any doubt at all. I barely scanned the lyrics yet but looks like quite a challenge. Susan is really good though so I'm looking forward to hearing this demo.

Looking at the lyrics...v1 sounds like the 4th of July. Passionate explosions are very strong. PC1 expands on the fireworks. C1 makes it clear that this is a sad situation. Makes sense looking at the song tags now. Probably country music but let me keep moving. v2 is fabulous and describes orchestral music...I think. C2 is very strong and delivers the message nicely. Love the ooo and the rust and blue. Excellent lyrics Liz. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Guitar and vocals...sounds great...very good singing...nice guitar...very good heart is growing cold and wanting you...sounds sad....outstanding vocals....nice pause...bass and other instruments kicking in now...sounds great...can clearly understand the lyrics. Harmony vocals now...oh my soul is aching without you...rust and the ooo...rust and blue acapella ending. Very nice Susan and terrific lyrics Liz. Outstanding collaboration and I knew this as soon as I saw who is on the team. Great job by both.

Superb. Lyrics, melody, harmony, everything is superb.

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Great use of augmented guitar chords here to add suspense and interest to an already very interesting set of lyrics! Really enjoyed my listen.