Swamp Gas

Swamp Gas



Liner Notes: 

I've been away for a few days in London so I'm playing catch-up, starting with a ramble through a few guitar tones with much lower gain than usual...

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


metalfoot's picture

Lots of guitars indeed! The layers of sound are a sonic treat. Bluesy for sure in structure and style.

Susan Cantey's picture

Yes it is very full. Way too much fun! Love the guitar solo that comes in at .16.

splittybooms's picture

That low lead is like honey dripping.
Such an atmosphere!
There's treats all over the place.
Every single lick and melody and musical choice just sounds so GOOD.
And it FEELS good, too.
Excellent track!

Silver Machine's picture

After a hard day being lashed by insane teeth rattling noise and seizure inducing rhythm in my own studio, I like nothing better than to have my natural melody and harmony reinstated by yourself. Lovely stuff.
As we both know the more you lower the gain the more control you have over the expression with the guitar, and that is always a beautiful thing to behold.

Ferry Colyer's picture

Chill. That's what I did while listening (after a tiresome day at work) and I let my mind wander before suddenly thinking: that's really good who is this? It sounds very professional to me.

wobbie wobbit's picture

sounding great Chris... very chilled and rich - i picture uncle rick sitting back with a glass of port and new, but very cosy - such that the inners are like new carpet on bare feet - slippers, clean but cosy sound and vibe... nice one ... again!

ductapeguy's picture

When I listen to an instrumental I wonder if it tells a story, or takes me on your journey. This song definitely took me on a journey. There were a lot of lovely nooks and crannies and interesting things to see and hear. My only regret is that the journey stopped so suddenly.

Klaus's picture

This is really cool. Very well played and production is flawless. Nice intro, it's wistful and full of summer sun. I like it when the whole soundscape opens up. Very spacey.

This one gets me in a relaxed mood and I only wish is this could have been a little bit longer and repeat the bit where it goes to D. But it's very good as it is. I enjoyed my listen.

TomS's picture

Well, Herr Headfirst! A good effort. Decidedly that. An excellent effort! You've shown us something quite new today. Of course now and then - just now and then - it gets a touch elaborate. I mean occasionally it seems to have, how shall one say? Too many tones! My dear fellow, there are in fact only so many tones the ear can hear in the course of an evening. Don't take it too hard. Your work is ingenious. It's quality work. And there are simply too many tones that's all. Cut a few and it will be perfect! Smile

jcollins's picture

Spacy with a nice beat...guitar now...sounds great. Nice grunge guitar on the side and lead melody guitar sounds awesome. Change up now...cool. Another change up with spacy kind of tones...now guitar again...sweet sounding instrument. Bass holding everything together. Nice fade out. Good one!

marvsmooth's picture

Love this!

Beautiful guitars here, lovely bass work (as always), nice drum programming, and such a great experience to listen to (twice).

I was transfixed throughout!