Draw Me (Like One Of Your French Girls)

Draw Me (Like One Of Your French Girls)

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Liner Notes: 

Here's a strange little number for you.

Melodica, the electric ukulele again, and my drum kit off in the distance (and me yelling "the F word" near the beginning).

That Melodica is probably the best thing I've ever purchased on impulse; fifteen bucks at a second-hand store.

Mixed for headphones, of course.

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Strange but fun. And a "French" sort of sound to it, so I dig the title.

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fun stuff- that melodica makes it! (and now I wish I had one)

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It is strange, and it certainly got me analysing it.
I think employing the speeding up, slowing down and stops (none of which feature much in popular music), takes it through a lot of different moods we are not used to interpreting.
The version I heard definitely had a wild haired conductor, and an old lady doing some dance steps from her youth, but quickly getting tired, and having to rest.
That was the purpose of the slowing down and rest parts , and very thoughtful it was of you, too.

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A conductor came to mind for me too, sitting behind the drum kit telling everyone to follow his lead. Odd and mind expanding!

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That was so good I had to listen to it twice. The whole production evokes for me a steam calliope. The f-bomb makes perfect sense in this scenario because it can be quite a chore to get such a machine started. And you can hear it game Steam and start to move, then shudder and slow down towards the end.

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This is genuinely weird in that it really doesn't sound like anything else (well, maybe The Residents). The "distant drums" a really cool touch, and the mournful melodica and bell-like electric uke a fab combo. Enjoyed!

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Naturally, this is weird but there's also lots of humor and even warmth in this one. The drums add a lot of character and "ambiance".

One great thing with experimental music is that you can leave in even false starts. Ah, but now that it is in, it's part of the song and it's definitive structure. It's a win-win situation. This is a nasta song. Smile

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hmmmm a used melodica. That makes the song that much more intriguing.........

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Love it. Needs to be used in a play.

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I love it Smile It totally draws me in and makes me imagine all sorts of things, which is a sign of a great instrumental!

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Probably because I've seen your basement in person, this is that much more visual for me. Smile
The pauses are the best!
Godfuckingdamnit, I NEED A MELODICA!!!

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Silver Machine's visuals are perfect for this; the part about the elderly woman recalling and trying to do dances from her past...I love that paired with what you did with the start/stop stuff and the kinda old-timey feel that melodica gave.
You really get the most out of your listeners with your experimental stuff - way more than "that was weird". You invoke emotions, visuals, take the mind somewhere else. I did go to the train situation thanks to most of the comments here, but I'm sure I would have still gone on some sort of inner visual journey regardless.
If there IS method to your madness...I'm not sure - and I think that's what makes something like this so fun to listen to.

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I def. came fo rthe title *Blush* Very creative and weird (in a good way)

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Oh yeah!

You’re so right, that melodica was a great purchase, and it sounds gorgeous on here.

I’m trying to think of what this makes me think of, but I do know that I absolutely love it, and want more like it!

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Yup - definitely a strange one, but an interestingly strange one at that! Not sure why I thought it could be a French tune and I'm betting because I hear that accordion in there. I should really try to push my creative boundaries and go in areas like this.

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Love the tiny little drums in the background, under a looming cloud of stereo melodica. And the vocals, very heartfealt. "Fuck!"

And I like the dynamics of it, tempo changes and intensity changes. That's some minimal ukulele. Adding cool tones.

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The band is warming up...ok here we go...love the vocal intro. Wow, this is different...nice slowdown. Love the strangeness and totally unique sound. The pause works nicely. Snappy drums. Yeah, the tempo changes are cool. Ride cymbals now. Oh, that's the end. Yeah, very creative. Good job on this.