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Liner Notes: 

I was did a short script writing course back in may. I have been writing a short film script about a mental health hospital. I'm not sure if this script would work or not but I think it's with a try. It's about a young south Asian nurse who works in a mental health hospital. It could even by like the film One flew over the cookoo's nest if anyone has seen it.


Her name is Taina
Taina with her long dark blue hair
Taina The Blue Nurse
She is The south asian blue nurse
Mess with her you'll be in your place
Taina the blue nurse

Taina is the blue nurse
So don't mess with her
She will take no nonsense
With her will power to succeed
She is within control
She knows her own mind

Taina the punk star
Or urban gothic star
She ain't crazy
Taina the blue nurse
Is who she is

Taina she knows her own buisness
Taina don't mess with her
Taina look for her
She is the blue nurse
She will take no nonsence
Taina, She'll put you in your place

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i would start with the second verse. her name is Taina is such a compelling opening line, i think that wold hook the listener right away

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yeah this is a very strong lyric,
about a very strong person
some great images in therelove the line she knows her own mind

nice write