Reverend Hughes' Flat-Out Blues

Reverend Hughes' Flat-Out Blues

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Liner Notes: 

Been working on this for a couple of days, it didn't turn out as planned, and alas the poor Reverend went off his rocker.
Had ideas for extreme vocal feats but didn't have the heart to execute them.


Reverend Hughes does fast blues
Reverend Hughes does fast blues
Fast blues goes faster than a fashion disaster, pastor
Fast blues hits harder than a new headmaster, pastor.
The good news is fast blues,
Straight from the master,
he's the Lord's own faster broadcaster.
The bad news is that it may be too fast for yous.

I like to roll them rhymes
around the roof of my mind.

(c) M.Garcia 2019

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This is fun, I love it. What is the sound from 00:33 to 00:56? It does come back later and it sounds really cool. I really like the organised chaos throughout. Well done.

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its not only fast, its mind altering, or mind altered. just imaginne if you saw some old blues guy all coked up playing like this. it would chnge the course of music history. Nobody would want to be justin bieber. Everyoe would be playig the blues.

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Number 9, ...Number 9, ...Number 9...

This is weird in all the most wonderful ways. That CGB wails.

Gloriously bonkers. I've been jonesing for a fresh fix of hyperkinetic pop madness from you, Senor Machine. This definitely delivers.

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Straight from the master he's the Lord's own broadcaster...I don't know how you even come with lines like that are head nodding hilarious. He sounds like a pretty cool guy though. I loved how mad this got at 1:52. You outdo Les Claypool here!

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Frikkin great guitar work, as always.
Wonderful vox; like a robot on the verge of glitching out and killing everyone in sight.
The relentless drum track is oddly compelling; like a forced march at gunpoint.
You sure set the weirdness bar high, forcing me to up my own game.
Expect a tune dedicated to you at some point this summer.
You are a musical visionary, SM.

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That relentless hammering drum and hyper-strumming drive this home! "Inspired lunacy" is a cliche, but true in this case. So weird and good!

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Great title and i think brilliantly bonkers is a great and fun description. Nice.

Why does this song make me move? The drums have a real rhythm and your metallic playing is cool as ever, when it busts into that pots and pans sounding solo it's cool as hell. This is real rad, Kitchen assembly line blues? Cool.

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That's a fun tune! Great guitar on top of the clanging percussion. It does sound like a robot losing it at the end. I couldn't make out all the rhymes, but I thought I heard "exclamation point, exclamation point".

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wonderfully propulsive in its own disjointed universe! really great all around, i love everything about this!

someone mentioned les claypool,- been listening lately to (among other things) claypool lennon delirium, which has some of this sensibility, i think.

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I love your wild style man, totally glad to have come across you on here!