Don't Talk to Me When I Have My Headphones On

Don't Talk to Me When I Have My Headphones On

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Liner Notes: 

I had some fun with this one, doing a bit of improv with whatever kind of MIDI guitar that is. It's nice to have an actual MIDI controller to play the music with, definitely preferable to having to click each individual note with a mouse. Smile

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Love that title:) I liked the little droplet sounds (at least that's how they sounded to me), and the sense of a few things going on at once.

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That is super fun. I'm cleaning the basement shelves and I HAD to dance. Well done.

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Lots of fun and an immediately seductive groove!

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I liked this a lot! It's dark, leading, and has a great rhythm. Like the guy earlier, if I were cleaning shelves, I would have danced to this too. It also makes me not want to talk to you when you have your headphones on.

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so that is what is going on inside those headphones wonders many people wear them. gotta get me a pair.

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The title pulled me in so I put on my headphones to listen...sounds cool. Love that melody! Nice groove all the way through and outro worked out well.

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yeah definitely a nodding along groove to this. i like the melody of that main riff too. sits nicely against the washy sounds swirling around it.

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I think the time is 8:08 lol
Nice choice to mix the 808 with the ambient drums and making a minimal pattern. Running the arp through there gives more rhythm.
The midi guitar gives atmosphere, and it really mixes well with that arp.
I relate to the title lol

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Ha, I'm almost embarrassed to say I had to look up what an 808 is. I have so much to learn about DAWs! I'm just using whatever sounds good lol.